Why James O’Keefe might become the most important whistle blower of the 2016 US election


What Wikileaks is doing right now should be paid proper media attention, but it is on the back burner. Trump said pussy…in 2005. Meanwhile, the US and Russia are escalating an internationally divided war in Syria and Julian Assange’s heroic team have already released 9 parts of the Podesta Emails. The amazing amount of revelations about the Democratic Party, the main stream media, quid pro quo deals and the “private face” of among others, Hillary Clinton, are still unfolding. Already north of 10,000 emails plus attachments, it is going to take crowd sourcing to get through. That is already happening, and regardless of the DNC “Russians-did-it” narrative, the content in them is a journalist’s wet dream. Since Wikileaks has 10 years of a perfect record in publishing data, it is safe to ignore the Democrats hypocritically propagandist “Russia-did-it” narrative. More on the contents of this incredible set of data will be the topic of another article. Again, there is a lot of data there, and it is still being released. Currently, Julian’s internet was cut off today at the UK Ecuadorian Embassy. He is undoubtedly a shining light upon the darkness and corruption of world governments; a true defender of the people. Unfortunately, most of the people have taken the red pill and need more than words to get their eyes to see what is right in front of them.

Let’s fast-forward to the good shit. You have some fucking crazy hidden camera proof of absolute corruption to watch. His name is James O’Keefe, and he has documented corruption, election fraud, and staged violence in the latest videos brought to us by Project Veritas Action. Monday, October 17, Part 1 was released but it seems important to back up and check out a couple earlier releases first.

In this video, New York’s Alan Schulkin, Commissioner of Board Election candidly tells the PVA journalist that people were being bused from location to location and voting multiple times, because no proof of their identity was even necessary. It appears, in New York and other States, that you need a photo ID to do almost anything except vote. As a democrat, he said, “I take my vote seriously, and I don’t want 10 other people to waste my vote, when they’re not even registered voters.” Check it out, this but an hors d’oeuvre.


Oct 11, 2016 Project Veritas Action



A Clinton campaign staffer gave the ok to “rip up” Republican voter registrations. Past the grab-ass talk, at 2:55 in this video, the truly damning evidence of DNC illegal behavior occurs. The HRC campaign field organizer with the annoying voice, Wylie Mao, says, “I think if I ripped up completed VR (Voter Registration) forms, like 20 of them, I think I would get reprimanded I don’t think I would get fired.” Ripping up voter registrations should boil the blood of anyone who still believes in Democracy. It gets worse…


Oct 12, 2016 Project Veritas Action



Here is part 1 of possibly 6 releases by James O’Keefe and the PVA team. May these investigative journalists be safe because, as we all know by now, whistle blowers face very real threats. If this isn’t a major, prime-team news-worthy video, I’m not sure what is. Enjoy.


Oct 17, 2016 Project Veritas Action


“As we continue to release more videos, you must hold the main stream media to account, to further investigate what we have uncovered. America, our war is here. We must decide if we are going to save this country, or lose it.”
-James O’Keefe

Tomorrow afternoon should be the next release, according to O’Keefe’s Reddit and Twitter.