Thelemic Laboratory

Backmask Toccata

Infrared Spectroscopy

Music for Magick and Meditation

Sights, sounds, eerie manifestations, auditory hallucinations and free-form Musick messes. Formed circa 1998 era vulgaris, with no musical goal in mind other than creation, Thelemic Laboratory will always be the musical playground for sound invention. All sights and sounds are free, but donations are welcomed. Enjoy!

Soundcloud Musick Group

Supposedly they are shutting down the Group function in Soundcloud. It is already not possible to moderate it, so here is 5 years of good soundcloud musick, a collection of friends. Should we make an online compilation? It would have to be 1 track from everyone that approves. If you landed here and are interested, drop me a line at Please remind me of your name on Soundcloud.