The Clintons: A Timeline. The 21st Century


“Who is going to find out? These women are trash. Nobody’s going to believe them.” -Hillary Clinton

“It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” -Bill Clinton during a grand jury testimony


When Bush entered the White House, the US and the UK were already bombing Iraq an average of three times a week. Simply put, Bush’s even bloodier invasion and occupation was an escalation of Clinton’s “quiet war.” In 2000, the US spent $1.4 billion dropping bombs in Iraq.

For the first time since Woodrow Wilson’s first wife died in 1914, there was a president in the White House that wasn’t living with a spouse. Hillary Clinton set aside her official duties as First Lady in D.C., and moved to Chappaqua, New York. The new millennium saw Hillary prepping for her New York Senate bid, and Bill home alone in the White House.


Labor union boss, Arthur A. Coia, raised millions for Clinton, Gore and the Democratic Party. In 2000, he pled guilty to tax fraud in Rhode Island, involving three Ferraris worth more than $1.7 million. Coia got probation and a $10,000 fine.  An investigation was recommended into President Clinton’s connection to a top Democratic fund-raiser, involved in the sale of missile-related expertise to China. Attorney General Janet Reno rejected the proposal and one of Reno’s top executives, Lee Radek, head of the department’s public integrity section, called the recommendation “silly.”

During the campaign, Independent Counsel Robert Ray filed his final reports regarding the long-running Whitewater, Travelgate,  and Filegate investigations of the White House, each of which included specific investigations of Hillary Clinton actions. The reports exonerated her on the files matter,  said there was insufficient evidence regarding her role in Whitewater, and said that she had made factually false statements regarding the Travel Office firings but there was insufficient evidence to prosecute her. The timing of the great forgiving of 3 decades of Clinton scandals couldn’t have been better for Hillary’s Senate bid. But, “Travel gate” slipped by the Clinton damage control. Ray criticized the White House’s resistance to provide “relevant evidence” to his investigators. “White House officials also conducted inadequate searches for documents and failed to make timely production of documents, including relevant e-mails,”

In late April and May, Giuliani’s medical, romantic, marital, and political lives all collided in a tumultuous four-week period. Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign returned $22,000 in soft money to a businesswoman linked to a Democratic campaign contribution from a drug smuggler in Havana.

Hillary started receiving attacks from the press as her Senate campaign started heating up. One of the main issues was her role on the Board of Directors from Wal-Mart, and her funding from Sam Walton. According to published reports, she was placed in charge of the company’s “green” program to protect the environment, even though she was also on the board of the environmentally disastrous Lafarge at the time. In the 90’s, the Clintons depended on Wal-Mart’s largesse not only for Hillary’s regular payments as a board member, but for travel expenses on Wal-Mart planes and for heavy campaign contributions to Bill’s campaigns there and nationally. “The Arkansas-based company prospered under the state’s native son Bill Clinton when he was governor and President. Sam Walton and his wife, Helen, were close to the Clintons, and for several years Hillary Clinton, whose law firm represented Wal-Mart, served on the company’s board of directors. Bill Clinton’s “welfare reform” has provided Wal-Mart with a ready workforce of women who have no choice but to accept its poverty wages and discriminatory policies.”

Guliani withdrew from the race on May 19. His wife announced their separation after months of his being seen publicly with another woman. Hillary won unanimous approval as the Democratic candidate for the 2000 NY Senate. Her new republican opponent was Rick Lazio. Throughout the campaign, opponents accused Clinton of carpetbagging, as she had never resided in New York nor participated in the state’s politics before the 2000 Senate race.

Juanita Broaddrick became another Clinton sex scandal victim to get audited by the IRS. Paula Jones and Elizabeth Ward Gracen also said they had been audited by the IRS. “We’ve had no changes in our business, no changes in ownership, no changes in income. There have been no changes whatsoever that would trigger an IRS audit,” Broaddrick said. While the administration has denied any connection to the audit, many Clinton nemeses also came under IRS scrutiny: the American Spectator, the Western Journalism Center, and Travelgate scapegoat Billy Dale. Other victims were Bill O’Reilly, Kent Masterson Brown (who brought a lawsuit compelling Hillary’s health care task force to reveal its members), Paula Jones, National Review, American Spectator, Christian Coalition, Citizens for a Sound Economy, Freedom Alliance, Heritage Foundation, National Rifle Association, National Center for Public Policy Research, Fortress America and Citizens Against Government Waste.

Bill Clinton and Vladimir Putin were unable to come up with a compromise on U.S. missile defense system plans.

The Baath Party confirmed Bashar al-Assad, 34, to succeed his late father, Hafez al-Assad.

Ex-Coca-Cola stooge, Vicente Fox,  was elected President of Mexico, ending 71 years of PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) rule.

The Republican National Convention in Philadelphia nominated Governor of Texas, George W. Bush, for President of the United States and Dick Cheney for Vice President.

Paul Fray accused Hillary of uttering an anti-Semitic slur in 1974, and even passed a lie detector test on the matter. Mr. Fray said Mrs. Clinton called him a “fucking Jew bastard,” after Bill Clinton lost his race for Congress. “There’s no doubt in my mind that Mr. Fray is truthful,” concluded state-licensed Arkansas polygrapher Jeff Hubanks, who gave the three-hour test. That same year former Arkansas state trooper Larry Patterson claimed that in their frequent arguments, Bill and Hillary Clinton used such expressions as “Jew motherfucker,” “Jew Boy” and “Jew Bastard.”

Peter Paul with Hillary Clinton in 2000

In August 2000, a huge Hollywood fundraiser was held as a tribute to Bill Clinton’s presidency and for Hillary’s Senate campaign. At the time, it was very successful, and brought in a lucrative source of campaign money. Hillary tried to convince the media that she did not know about the fraud, which involved convicted drug dealer, Peter Paul. Her defense was that she didn’t know about the extra $1.2 million that was not reported to the Government. Paul said he picked up the tab in the hopes that President Clinton would later lend his name to an animation Web site he had started. He said David Rosen knew costs were skyrocketing and yet still pressed him to spend more money. Rosen denied those charges. His attorney, Paul Sandler, declined several requests by NPR to be interviewed but, in his opening statement, told jurors it was Rosen who was misled about the real costs of the party. The government disagreed, as did Peter Paul.

The initial reaction was reported by Lloyd Grove of the Washington Post on August 15 2000: “Is Hillary Clinton soft on crime? We certainly hope not, even though convicted felon Peter Paul – who served three years in prison two decades ago after pleading guilty to cocaine possession and trying to swindle $8.7 million out of the Cuban government – helped organize Saturday’s star-glutted $1 million fundraising gala for Clinton’s Senate race at businessman Ken Roberts’s Brentwood estate. . . [Paul] added that he only produced the gala and hasn’t given or raised money for the first lady’s New York campaign. “And we will not be accepting any contributions from him,” Clinton campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson vowed. This story involved just one fundraising event that went public, with Clinton connected criminals that included Peter Paul, Aaron Tonkin, Jim Levin, and Raymond Reggie.

By September, Peter Paul had contributed $100,000 to HRC’s campaign through his Stan Lee Media. According to Salon, “Bill Clinton was reportedly promised an additional $15 million in Stan Lee stock to join the board.” DNC Chairman Ed Rendell said, “it would be ‘nice’ if Paul gave $150,000 to the DNC after Paul sought a presidential pardon for his two prior convictions.” Peter Paul and a few co-conspirators artificially inflated the Stan Lee Media stock to a peak value of $350 million, creating a false appearance of demand by making transactions through and between accounts that Paul controlled but maintained in the names of others. The brokerage account was used to borrow more than $4 million from Merrill Lynch, and that money was used to buy real estate, travel and make political contributions. Stan Lee was never implicated in the scheme.


Before Bill Clinton even considered the bogus Stan Lee Media enterprise, Peter Paul was convicted for cocaine possession and “an attempt to confiscate more than $8 million from Fidel Castro in a black market coffee transaction the Cuban dictator was using to defraud the Soviet Union.” That was under the Carter administration, under the Clinton administration Paul pled guilty to “a 10(b)5 violation of the Securities and Exchange Commission for not publicly disclosing control of Merrill Lynch margin accounts that held stocks in his company, Stan Lee Media.”  It seems that Bill and Hillary reaped the $1.2 million from Paul’s funny-money Hollywood Gala, and never really got punished by anyone but the media.

Lazio was on the warpath against DNC soft money being funneled into Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign, and challenged Clinton to agree to ban soft money from both campaigns. He left his podium and waved his proposed paper agreement in Clinton’s face; many debate viewers thought he had invaded her personal space and as a result, Clinton’s support among women voters solidified. Late in the campaign, Lazio criticized Clinton for accepting campaign donations from various Arab groups in the wake of the USSA Cole attack. This issue caused former New York Mayor Ed Koch to take out ads telling Lazio to “stop with the sleaze already.” (Gerth, Van Natta Jr., Her Way, pp. 212-213)

On November 7, 2000, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton defeated Congressman Rick Lazio in the New York Senate Race. The campaigns of Clinton and Lazio, along with Giuliani’s initial effort, spent a record combined $90 million. She was sworn in as U.S. senator on January 3, 2001.

Peter Paul left the United States in late 2000 or early 2001, and was arrested in Brazil in August 2001. He was paroled on December 24, 2014, and Judicial Watch claimed in 2009 that he had detailed information about donations made to the 2000 U.S. Senate campaign of former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Glenn McCoy 2000

“In December 2000, just as they were leaving the White House, the Clintons bought a seven-bedroom house near Embassy Row in Washington, D.C. The price was $2.85 million.” Hillary’s Senate financial disclosure form that year listed their assets at $1.8 million.

George W. Bush won the election by 5 electoral votes, while Al Gore won the popular vote by 543,816 votes.



On January 17,  President Clinton’s National Security Advisor met with Condoleezza Rice, and told her that he believed “that the Bush Administration will spend more time on terrorism generally, and on al-Qaeda specifically, than any other subject.”

Bill Clinton chose to skirt the usual system of properly vetting presidential pardons, and made nearly a third of his total 396 presidential pardons on January 20, 2001, in the last hours of his last day in office. This came to be known as “Pardongate,” due to some of the extreme cases such as 18 individuals involved in cocaine distribution, 44 for various forms of tax fraud, William Arthur Borders, Jr., his own step-brother, Roger Clinton, and most importantly, Mark Rich. While Jim McDougal died in prison, his wife Susan could have done serious damage, and possibly ended the Clinton political aspirations with her knowledge of Whitewater and Castle Grande. She refused to testify, and Bill pardoned her on January 20th, as promised to her husband years earlier. One can only imagine why some of the lesser known names on the list were chosen, and what political and personal favors were exchanged.


The pardon of billionaire fugitive Marc Rich triggered the initial barrage of criticism into Pardongate, opening the door to a federal investigation. Rich expatriated to Switzerland after his 1983 indictment on charges of racketeering, wire fraud, illegally trading $200 million of oil to Iran (most likely for hostages,) and evading more than $48 million in taxes. While he was a fugitive, he sold his shares of 21st Century Fox to Marvin Davis, who later sold them to Rupert Murdoch. An examination of Mr. Rich’s trading activities from Switzerland reveals that his multi-billion dollar commodities operation continued doing business with countries that the U.S. deemed unworthy trading partners for supporting terrorism or abusing human rights. Mr. Rich’s business not only conducted additional deals in Iran, it also traded with Libya, Cuba and South Africa, all at times when U.S. citizens and companies were barred from doing so.

His former wife, Denise Rich, made more than $1.3 million in political contributions to the Democratic Party since 1993, including $70,000 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and $450,000 for the Clinton presidential library in Arkansas. She wrote a letter to the president in December, pleading with him to pardon her former husband. US Attorney’s office investigators poured over dusty records in a New York court storeroom, looking for clues as to whether Marc Rich used his former wife to pass political contributions to Bill and Hillary Clinton, in exchange for a January pardon. All sides denied any wrongdoing. Billionaire Marc Rich lived a double life during his 20 years as a fugitive, funneling secret data to Israeli and other intelligence services. Among other issues that the House Oversight Committee was exploring was Rich’s lengthy relationship with the Israeli Mossad. Sen. Hillary Clinton said that she had been unaware until the evening of February 19 that her brother, lawyer Hugh Rodham, received $400,000 to lobby for two wealthy felons. Under pressure from his sister, Rodham said he would return the money he was rewarded after clemency was granted for Almon Glenn Brawell, who was convicted of mail fraud and perjury, and Carlos Vignali, a cocaine trafficker.

President Clinton also pardoned four residents of the New Square Hasidic enclave in Rockland County, New York. Kalmen Stern, David Goldstein, Benjamin Berger and Jacob Elbaum were convicted of swindling more than $40 million in government money. The new senator also had to deflect criticism over the disclosure that her campaign treasurer, William Cunningham III, helped obtain clemency for Robert Fain and James Manning, two tax felons from Arkansas. Cunningham’s law partner was Harold Ickes, Clinton’s former White House deputy chief of staff and an adviser to Hillary Clinton. Cunningham said that television producer Harry Thomason, a long time Clinton friend from Arkansas, also played a role in seeking pardons for Fain and Manning.

On February 15, Former senators Hart and Rudman issued their final report on national security, as the Bush administration was soon taking the helm. It warned that the US was unprepared for a “catastrophic” domestic terrorist attack.

The Clintons returned more than $28,000 worth of items, which, they said, they thought were personal gifts given to them and not to the White House. ABC news reported a list of returned furniture. What seemed like carelessness from the departing Clintons, would later seem to be more intentional as more information came in. Brad  Noe said of a sofa worth almost $3,000 that was returned, that he was offended to be named as the giver. “I would never give a gift to the Clintons,” said Brad Noe, a former executive with Henredon Furniture Industries Inc. “It was a corporate gift [for the White House], not a personal gift to the Clintons. I don’t know why my name is on it.” Later, it was revealed that the items were not personal gifts, but were actually given to the National Park Service for the White House’s permanent collection.

How those items wound up on a list of personal gifts to the president, compiled by the White House gifts office, remained unexplained. In March, Hillary Clinton had filled out a password-protected gift registry at Borsheim’s, a luxurious department store in Omaha. A Beverly Hills friend, Rita Pynoos, encouraged other donors to send what ended up being $38,617 in china and sterling silver gifts, along with $68,770 worth of furniture. Donors included Steven Spielberg, Iris Cantor and Walter Kaye. In damage control mode, the Clintons would write checks totaling $85,966 to purchase the gifts, while returning $28,000 worth of furniture to the White House.

President Bill Clinton vetoed a piece of bankruptcy-reform legislation in late 2000, but its supporters pressed on. In 2001, as a senator from New York, Mrs. Clinton was among 83 senators who voted in favor of the “draconian legislation.” The high-powered banking and credit card industries were concerned that people were filing for bankruptcy as a financial planning tool, and the industries were aggressively pushing legislation to make it harder for consumers to use bankruptcy to walk away from their debts. In reality, they wrote the legislation to protect themselves. The fact that Hillary first opposed the Bankruptcy reform bill as First Lady, then was in favor of it as a New York Senator was a red flag that campaign contributions and favors might have influenced her voting record.

The bill would have ended the ability of struggling Americans to declare bankruptcy, in order to wipe out credit-card bills and other loans that were not secured by homes or other assets. Instead, they would be forced to pay off some or all of those debts under a court-supervised plan, even if that puts the payment of old credit card bills in competition with the payment of current child support, alimony and other court-ordered expenditures. Elizabeth Warren noted that Clinton had received $140,000 in campaign contributions from banking industry executives as she sought a Senate seat. “Big banks were now part of Senator Clinton’s constituency. She wanted their support, and they wanted hers—including a vote in favor of ‘that awful bill,’” The bill actually never came back to the Senate for a final vote in that Congress, but did come back in 2004 when Clinton missed the vote because her husband was in the hospital but she issued a statement decrying it.

After controversy over the public expense of proposed office space in downtown New York City, Clinton instead opted for less-expensive office space in Harlem. In April, Clinton’s Arkansas law license was suspended for five years and he paid a $25,000 fine. The original disbarment lawsuit was brought by a committee of the Arkansas Supreme Court.


In June, Robert Barr (R-Ga.) reported that the White House was found by the General Accounting Office to have been vandalized by the Clintons and their staff. The GAO said: “damage, theft, vandalism and pranks did occur in the White House complex” in the presidential transition from Bill Clinton to George W. Bush. The agency put the cost at $13,000 to $14,000, including $4,850 to replace computer keyboards, many with damaged or missing ‘W’ keys. Six White House employees told investigators that they had seen graffiti derogatory to Mr. Bush on the wall of a stall in a men’s room. Other White House employees saw a sticker in a filing cabinet that said, “Jail to the thief,” implying that Mr. Bush had stolen the 2000 election.

The Bush White house was warned twice in June, that there was an imminent Al Qaeda attack, and German intelligence warned that hijacked commercial aircraft would be “used as weapons to attack important symbols of American and Israeli culture.” Similar warning were given to the Bush administration in July and August.

On Sept. 10th, Bill Clinton told a group of Australian businessman that he had a chance to kill Osama Bin Laden, but didn’t because of the possible civilian deaths that would have been involved. Although that message is clearly a humanitarian one, the timing could not have been more strange.

The September 11 attacks killed 2,996 people, and injured over 6,000 others. One estimate of $3 trillion in total damages lumps in the war debt and the ramping up of the Department of Homeland Security. That tragic day for America was followed by an illegal war against a country that had nothing to do with the attack, unprecedented increases in military spending and never-before-seen-levels of government surveillance. Hillary Clinton voted in favor of the USA Patriot Act in October 2001, and strongly supported the 2001 U.S. military action in Afghanistan, saying it was a chance to combat terrorism while improving the lives of Afghan women who suffered under the Taliban government. On October 7, Operation Enduring Freedom began.

One week after 9/11, Hillary went on the Today show and lied about her daughter: “She said that Chelsea was jogging around the World Trade Center on 9-11 and happened to duck into a coffee shop when the airplanes hit. She said that this move saved Chelsea’s life. But Chelsea told Talk Magazine that she was in a friend’s apartment four miles from ground zero when the first plane hit. Her friend called her, waking her up, and told her to turn on the TV. On television, she saw the second plane hit, disproving Hillary’s claim.”

During Bill’s presidency, Leon Panetta, the White House chief of staff, banned Hillary from political meetings after she botched the health care argument and inadvertently filled congress with angry Republicans. Still, she got her information from secret meetings with Dick Morris every two weeks and by nightly strategy sessions with Clinton and Al Gore. It seems that Hillary, during her NY Senate career still had an information gathering problem, because she lied about knowing the content of a national intelligence estimate report that would have changed her war-mongering stance about 9/11. In fact, without Senator Clinton’s pro-war stance, the US could have possibly avoided multi-$trillion war in the middle east. Five days after September 11, 2001, she was calling for a broad war on terror. Any country presumed to be lending “aid and comfort” to al-Qaeda “will now face the wrath of our country.” Bush echoed these words eight days later in his nationally televised speech on September 21. “I’ll stand behind Bush for a long time to come”, Senator Clinton promised, and she stuck to her word, voting for the Patriot Act and the wide-ranging authorization to use military force against Afghanistan.

“Of course she supported without reservation the attack on Afghanistan and, as the propaganda buildup toward the onslaught on Iraq got underway, she didn’t even bother to walk down the hall to read the national intelligence estimate on Iraq before the war. (She wasn’t alone in that. Only six senators read that NIE.) When she was questioned about this, she claimed she was briefed on its contents, but in fact no one on her staff had the security clearance to read the report. And her ignorance showed when it came time to deliver her speech in support of the war, as she reiterated some of the most outlandish claims made by Dick Cheney. In this speech, she said Saddam Hussein had rebuilt his chemical and biological weapons program; that he had improved his long-range missile capability; that he was reconstituting his nuclear weapons program; and that he was giving aid and comfort to Al Qaeda. The only other Democratic senator to make all four of these claims in his floor speech was Joe Lieberman. But even he didn’t go as far as Senator Hillary. In Lieberman’s speech, there was conditionality about some of the claims. In Senator Clinton’s, there was no such conditionality, even though a vehement war hawk, Ken Pollack, advising Senator Clinton prior to her vote, had told her that the allegation about the al-Qaeda connection was “bullshit”. Later, as the winds of opinion changed, Senator Clinton claimed, and continues to do so to this day, that hers was a vote not for war but for negotiation. In fact, the record shows that only hours after the war authorization vote she voted against the Democratic resolution that would have required Bush to seek a diplomatic solution before launching the war.

Bill Clinton made $9,378,098 in speaking fees in 2001. Bill Clinton founded the William J. Clinton Foundation in 2001 following the completion of his presidency. It ran multi-million dollar deficits for several years, despite vast amounts of money flowing in. The foundation was later renamed due to public awareness of funny money. Another of the ex-President’s projects was the William J. Clinton Presidential Center, which had an estimated $200 million price tag. This worried many prominent Democratic fundraisers, but large pledges to the Clinton Foundation came to the rescue, among only a few were Hollywood producers Steven Spielberg and David Geffen, and supermarket executive Ronald W. Burkle. In its first public tax return in 1998 the Foundation disclosed donations of $3 million. The Foundation had collected $9.9 million in donations by 2001.

In December, Enron Corporation filed for bankruptcy, Resolution 1386 was adopted authorizing a NATO-led security mission in Afganistan to assist the Afghan Interim Administration in the maintenance of security in Kabul and surrounding areas, Hamid Karzai was sworn-in as head of the A.I.A., and China was granted permanent normal trade status with the United States.



In the wake of a Virginia politician’s sex scandal, Tim Kaine told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that Bill Clinton should have resigned after the Lewinsky scandal blew up. This sentiment about the nearly-impeached ex-president was shared by a large population of Americans at the time.

Bill and Vinod Gupta

Bill and Vinod Gupta

In January, the Clintons vacationed in Acapulco, Mexico. They flew there on Vindo Gupta’s Info USA private jet. Mr. Gupta was a long time supporter of the Clintons and paid Bill $2 million for four years of “consulting” services. He also spent nearly $900,000 flying Bill around on his speaking tours, according to a lawsuit by angry Info USA shareholders.

Aside from their public spin, Info USA is also a key provider of databases that criminals use to prey on the elderly and scheme unsuspecting people out of what little they have left. Disclosing names of vulnerable and elderly targets, Info USA compiles and sell lists such as: “Elderly Opportunity Seekers,” 3.3 million older people “looking for ways to make money,” and “Suffering Seniors,” 4.7 million people with cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. “Oldies but Goodies” contained 500,000 gamblers over 55 years old.” Along with the millions in donations, trips around the world and possible predatory knowledge that could influence elections, the Clintons also stayed in Gupta’s Hawaiin vacation home and let him stay at the White House Lincoln Bedroom.

A federal investigation into Pardongate was wrapped up in March, by taking no action against Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, both of their brothers, Marc Rich, or any residents of New Square.

In 2002 the Iraq sanctioning process was streamlined, but not much good came out of it for the Iraqi people. Meanwhile, their oil was still being exported. Because chlorine was restricted, its water purifying properties could not be used to stop unnecessary water related illness. Hans von Sponeck called the effects of the sanctions a “true human tragedy” After inspecting Baghdad’s facilities, David Sole, President of the Sanitary Chemists & Technicians Association, noting the high rates of diseases from lack of clean water followed the Gulf War and sanctions, recommended that liquid chlorine be sent to Iraq to disinfect water supplies. The amount of deaths of children under 5 years of age was staggering by 2002, while Hillary was still hawking more war and a continuation of the sanctions.

On October 11, Hillary voted for the U.S. Senate Iraq War Resolution, which authorized President George W. Bush to use military force against Iraq.

Special prosecutor Robert Ray issued his final report on the Lewinsky trial in which he claimed he had enough evidence to indict Clinton for perjury and obstruction of justice and obtain a conviction in the Lewinsky case, but would decline to do so. The aftermath of the Lewinsky revelations was $850,000 in payment to settle the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit, Bill’s contempt of court citation, $25,000 in fines, the suspension of his law license in Arkansas and $90,000 in attorney fees he had to reimburse in that case. In other words, a Clinton was monetarily and publicly punished, but not convicted by the Justice system, even though prosecutors publicly acknowledged their guilt. Notice a pattern?

Opposition to the war in Iraq peaked in October, with demonstrations in Europe, Latin America, Australia, Japan and the United States. Slogans of the day reflected a populist desire for peace, and that war money could be better spent on social programs. In November, the Republicans made gains in the House and Senate, which were already a GOP majority.

On Oct 10, 2002, in what is now known as an outright lie, the woefully uninformed war-hawk, Senator Clinton said, “In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including al Qaeda members … It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons.”

Former KGB intelligence officer, Mykhaylo Kryzhanovsky, claimed in this book, “White House Special Handbbook” that he wrote foreign policy instructions for Bill Clinton in 1996, and that Hillary Clinton helped him with CIA problems in 2002. The book describes voter manipulation, managing secret service, the FBI and the mafia to maintain control, as well as demographics and military tactics. It also claims that Hillary used his instructions to organize the Arab Spring and the Tunisian, Libyan, Egyptian, Yemenese and Syrian civil wars. He attempted to back up these claims by showing some letters sent to him by Senator Hillary Clinton in 2002.


Anthony Pellicano

Anthony Pellicano’s 2002 arrest was big news in Hollywood. He was a “private detective to the stars,” whose client list had included Elizabeth Taylor, Kevin Costner, Sylvester Stallone, Roseanne Barr, O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson and the Clintons. There was almost no news reporting about the connection Pellicano had with Hillary Clinton, outside of Newsmax. Pellicano was used as a strong man for the Clinton’s, specifically Hillary, who carried out threats and intimidation on Bill’s countless bimbos that kept popping up and trying to ruin the Clintons political aspirations. Whether or not the threats escalated into actual violence remains to be seen, but the trail of dead witnesses and very suspicious suicides surrounding the Clintons certainly make Pellicano seem more sinister. When FBI agents raided Pellicano’s West Hollywood office on Nov. 22, 2002, and arrested him on federal weapons charges, they found gold, jewelry, and about $200,000 in cash – most of it bundled in $10,000 wrappers – thousands of pages of transcripts of illegal wiretaps; two handguns; and various explosive devices stored in safes, including two live hand grenades and a pile of C4 plastic explosive, complete with blasting cap and detonation cord. Pellicano had a surprisingly large quantity of C4 in his safe. “The explosive could easily be used to blow up a car, and was in fact strong enough to bring down an airplane,” noted Special Agent Stanley Ornellas in a sworn affidavit.

Bill Clinton made $9,392,500 in speaking fees in 2002.



Former president Bill Clinton told Larry King that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. “The man needs to get rid of his chemical and biological weapons stocks,” Clinton said on February 6, 2003 as President Bush contemplated attacking Iraq.

“Senator Hillary Clinton has opposed restrictions on U.S. arms transfers and police training to governments that engage in gross and systematic human rights abuses. Indeed, she has supported unconditional U.S. arms transfers and police training to such repressive and autocratic governments as Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Pakistan, Equatorial Guinea, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, and Chad, just to name a few. She has also refused to join many of her Democratic colleagues in signing a letter endorsing a treaty that would limit arms transfers to countries that engage in a consistent pattern of gross and systematic human rights violations.” (Stephen Zunes, Foreign Police In Focus)

A supposed “progressive infrastructure” was created in part by Hillary Clinton, who played a role in conversations that led to the 2003 founding of John Podesta’s Center for American Progress. She sent aides to help with Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, founded in 2003. These think-tanks, along with many more, would go on to influence elections, public opinion, and coerce leaders of the main stream media into what to filter.

When Clinton called in to Larry King’s show again in July 2003, as his own former chief of staff John Podesta was hammering Bush for not finding weapons of mass destruction, Clinton told people to ease off Bush a bit. “You know, everybody makes mistakes when they are president,” Clinton said. “I mean, you can’t make as many calls as you have to make without messing up once in awhile. The thing we ought to be focused on is what is the right thing to do now. That’s what I think.” “People can quarrel with whether we should have more troops in Afghanistan or internationalize Iraq or whatever, but it is incontestable that on the day I left office, there were unaccounted for stocks of biological and chemical weapons.” Yet another Clinton lie, told publicly, and never apologized for due to the amount of time that transpired. History will remember all the dead soldiers on both sides of a war that was started from these kind of lies.

Hillary Clinton’s book, “Living History” thanked three people, former White House speech writer Alison Muscatine, veteran ghost writer Maryanne Vollers and researcher Ruby Shamir. When her book was published in 2003, she went on a mini-tour for it, touting that she was the sole writer. A fact that has since been proven as a lie. Had she actually written the book, it would have called into question what she was actually doing the whole time as a US Senator. “A work of that length would take an average writer perhaps four years to produce; a highly proficient writer might finish in two years, if working on nothing else.” “So in the last two years Clinton has either been neglecting her duties as a United States Senator – that is, violating her oath — in order to be the true author of “Living History,” or she is claiming authorship of another person’s work.” (Greg Estervbrook, ESPN)

A  giant, detailed overview of the Pellicano case was published in the New York Times on Nov. 11, 2003, a full year after his arrest, which made no mention of Hillary’s name, nor even hinted at Pellicano’s White House connection. 2003 seemed to be the year that the 4th branch of the government became the norm. A lot of good investigative journalism went away, with the advent of the so-called Patriot act.

Worldwide Iraq War Protests

Worldwide Iraq War Protests

On February 15, more than 10 million people in over 600 cities worldwide protested against the Iraq War. Meanwhile, in the states, a growing number of “all American patriots” started boycotting french fries and the 1/3 of the English language that has French roots. Not to mention, the statue of liberty. Fast forward to 2016, and the knowledge that there were no WMDs and that the US was sold a very expensive, very deadly war, and maybe the French were right to oppose sanctions in the first place.

Bill Clinton received $3,855,000 from speeches in 2003.



Hillary advised the Clintons’ former antagonist David Brock, in his new think-tank Media Matters for America, created in 2004. He would later help Clinton steal the primaries with his online troll-army, Correct the Record.

Jinnah and Hillary. 2000.

Jinnah and Hillary. 2000.

A Pakistani immigrant who hosted fundraisers for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was hunted by the FBI, on allegations that he funneled illegal contributions to Clinton’s political action committee and to Sen. Barbara Boxer’s 2004 re-election campaign. Authorities said Northridge, Calif., businessman Abdul Rehman Jinnah, 56, fled the country shortly after being indicted on charges of engineering more than $50,000 in illegal donations to the Democratic committees. Following the 2004 Senate elections, Hillary successfully pushed new Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid to create a Senate war room to handle daily political messaging.

Bill Clinton’s memoirs hit the bookshelves, causing another wave of bi-partisan, but mostly Republican “Clinton-bashing” from those that were upset with decades of lies, regime change, no-fly zones, bimbo-dicking, and anti-poor legislation.

On July 9, the US the Senate Intelligence Committee released a report describing a “mis-characterization of intelligence” regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction (“WMDs”) prior to the war in Iraq, and the report disputes assertions that Iraq was reconstituting a nuclear program prior to the war.

On November 2nd, President Bush won the re-election, against John Kerry. The Republican Party extended its majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

According to the Presidential Libraries Act of 1986, the regular operation of the Clinton Library must be supported by endowment funds. In 2004 the Clinton Foundation turned over a privately-raised endowment of $7.2 million. The Foundation continued to control about half of the square footage of the Clinton Presidential Center, including a cafeteria, meeting rooms, a private fourth floor Clinton Library apartment, and the Clinton Library gift shop.

On December 26, an earthquake of 9.3 magnitude generates a tsunami that crashed into Thailand, India, Sri-Lanka, the Malives, Malasion, Burma, Bangladesh and Indonesia, killing 186,983.

The Clinton Foundation raised $57.7 million, and had $119 million in assets. In the end more than 112,000 people made donations to defray the $165 million in actual construction costs for the presidential center complex.

Bill Clinton only received $875,000 from speeches in 2004.



On January 12, The White House announced that the search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was officially over. Also in January, one of Hillary’s campaign fundraising groups coughed up a $35,000 fine for under reporting thousands of dollars on the lavish 2000 gala hosted for the Clintons.

During her time in the Senate, Hillary said she: “voted for every trade agreement that has come before the Senate.” This was a lie though, because she did not support President Bush’s CAFTA, which passed the Senate 54-45 and was eventually signed into law.

Anthony Pellicano was sentenced to 30 months in prison for possession of hand grenades and C4. Later, on June 17, 2005, Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley charged him with conspiracy and making threats against former Los Angeles Times reporter Anita Busch.

In 2005, Senator Hillary Clinton said she supported the separation fence Israel was building along the edges of the West Bank, and that the onus was on the Palestinian Authority to fight terrorism. “This is not against the Palestinian people,” she said during a tour of a section of the barrier being built around Jerusalem. “This is against the terrorists. The Palestinian people have to help to prevent terrorism. They have to change the attitudes about terrorism”

When the act was up for renewal, she expressed concerns with the USA Patriot Act Reauthorization Conference Report regarding civil liberties, before voting in favor of the USA Patriot Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005.

Observing that war deployments were draining regular and reserve forces, Hillary co-introduced legislation to increase the size of the regular U.S. Army by 80,000 soldiers to ease the strain. In late 2005, Clinton said that while immediate withdrawal from Iraq would be a mistake, Bush’s pledge to stay “until the job is done” was also misguided, as it gave Iraqis “an open-ended invitation not to take care of themselves”. Her stance caused frustration among those in the Democratic Party who favored quick withdrawal.

Hillary called for the Federal Trade Commission to investigate how hidden sex scenes showed up in the controversial video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Along with Senators J. Lieberman and Evan Bayh, she introduced the Family Entertainment Protection Act, intended to protect children from inappropriate content found in video games.

Worldnet Daily reported that: “A significant portion of the Clinton’s Shadow Team’s operations were carried out by private investigators, among them: Terry Lenzner, founder and chairman of the powerful Washington, D.C., detective firm Investigative Group International; high-ticket San Francisco private eye Jack Palladino and his wife Sandra Sutherland; and Hollywood sleuth Anthony J. Pellicano. . .Hillary’s secret police tend to be a tight-lipped bunch, professionally skilled at keeping a low profile.” Not so much for Pellicano. (WORLDNET DAILY, 2005) Pellicano boasted of the dirty work he had performed for his clients, including blackmail and physical assault. He claimed to have beaten one of his client’s enemies with a baseball bat. “I’m an expert with a knife,” said Pellicano. “I can shred your face with a knife.” (January 1992 GQ magazine)

Douglas Band and three presidents.

Douglas Band and three presidents.

Concern was rising inside and outside the Clinton Foundation  about Douglas J. Band, a onetime personal assistant to Mr. Clinton who had started a lucrative corporate consulting firm — which Mr. Clinton joined as a paid adviser — while overseeing the Clinton Global Initiative, the foundation’s glitzy annual gathering of chief executives, heads of state, and celebrities.

Chelsea started taking on a dominant new role, in the newly renamed Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. The Foundation became the nerve center of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s increasingly busy public life. Mrs. Clinton and her staff moved into offices at the foundation’s new headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, occupying two floors of the Time-Life Building. Efforts to insulate the foundation from potential conflicts highlighted just how difficult it could be to disentangle the Clinton’s charity work from Mr. Clinton’s moneymaking ventures and Mrs. Clinton’s political future.

For most of the foundation’s existence, its leadership was dominated by loyal veterans of the Clintons’ political lives. Ira C. Magaziner, who ran Mrs. Clinton’s failed attempt at a health care overhaul in the 1990s, was widely credited as the driving force behind the foundation’s largest project, the Clinton Health Access Initiative. On one occasion, Mr. Magaziner dispatched a team of employees to fly around the world for months gathering ideas for a climate change proposal that never got off the ground.

Mr. Band repeatedly urged Mr. Clinton to fire Mr. Magaziner, according to people briefed on the matter. Mr. Clinton refused, confiding in aides that despite Mr. Magaziner’s managerial weaknesses, he was a visionary with good intentions. The former president, according to one person who knows them both, “thinks Ira is brilliant — and brilliant people get away with a lot in Clinton world.”

In August, President Bush declared a national emergency over Hurricane Katrina, Eighty percent of New Orleans was flooded with people trapped in their homes, 1,577 dead as a result. In October, an earthquake in Kashmir killed about 80,000 people.

Bill Clinton raised $7,625,000 in speaking fees for the year.



President Clinton celebrating business deal with Peter and Andrea Paul. 2000.

President Clinton celebrating business deal with Peter and Andrea Paul. 2000.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign was part of an FEC complaint, in January, that resulted in a $35,000 fine for failing to report over $700,000 in contributions from Peter F. Paul, during her 2000 New York Senate run. Paul claimed that Hillary pulled off the biggest campaign funding fraud in history.

Over 1.2 million home foreclosures were filed during 2006, up 42 percent from 2005. The housing bubble burst in the summer of 2006, starting a chain of events that would eventually develop into a full-blown market meltdown.

Even though there were well documented reports of Interior Ministry run death squads in Baghdad that killed thousands of Sunnis, Hillary still voted to send tens of billions of dollars to the country. Senator Clinton also praised Israel for its “values that respect the dignity and rights of human beings,” despite the Israeli government’s widespread and well-documented violations of international humanitarian law. When Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch issued detailed reports regarding Israeli war crimes during that country’s assault on Lebanon in the summer of 2006, Senator Clinton insisted they were wrong and that Israel’s attacks were legal. In a Council on Foreign Relations speech, Hillary called for Mexican Immigration reform, the building of barriers and deportations.

In 2006, Hillary started supporting gay marriage, basically flipping her position on the topic from opposing it in the previous political decades. Her attempt to gain votes by flipping positions would come back to haunt her in upcoming presidential bids. Her campaign spent $36 million for her re-election, more than any other candidate for Senate in the 2006 elections. Hillary courted some unusual donors in her re-election bid, including Lehman Brothers and the big Republican donor, John Mack of Morgan Stanley. It was a one-sided contest in which she won easily. In the following months, she transferred $10 million of her Senate funds toward her presidential campaign.

Bill Clinton raised $10,085,000 in speaking fees for the year.



A day after announcing the formation of a presidential exploratory committee, Hillary officially launched her presidential campaign on January 21. Throughout the first half of 2007, Clinton led candidates competing for the Democratic presidential nomination in opinion polls for the election. Senator Barack Obama of Illinois and former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina were her strongest competitors. The biggest threat to her campaign was her past support of the Iraq War, which Obama had opposed from the beginning. Clinton and Obama both set records for early fundraising, swapping the money lead each quarter.

When Bill Clinton became president, a blind trust was established; in April 2007, the Clintons liquidated the blind trust to avoid the possibility of ethical conflicts or political embarrassments as Hillary undertook her presidential race. Later disclosure statements revealed that the couple’s worth was now upwards of $50 million, and that they had earned over $100 million since 2000, with most of it coming from Bill’s books, speaking engagements, and other activities.

Clinton cast several votes for the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act. Although portrayed as a compromise between a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and increased border enforcement, it was highly criticized from conservatives, liberals, labor unions, human rights groups and even some Hispanic organizations. The Immigration reform package that Hillary so eagerly wanted to see pass included funding for 300 miles of vehicle barriers, 105 camera and radar towers, and 20,000 more Border Patrol agents along the border. The bill was introduced in the United States Senate on May 9, 2007, but was never passed.

In Katherine Willey’s new book, she claimed that on Labor Day weekend 2007, her house was burglarized, with the only thing stolen being a manuscript of her book. Willey stated that she believed individuals with ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton are responsible for the break-in. (Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton. WND Books)

Abdul Rehman Jinnah fled the country shortly after being indicted on charges of engineering more than $50,000 in illegal donations to the Democratic committees, especially those of Sen. Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer. While Mrs. Clinton was considered the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, she returned $850,000 in contributions raised by fugitive, Norman Hsu, a top campaign bundler who was wanted on criminal charges in a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme.

Even though she previously supported most Free trade during her time in the Senate, Clinton said in a 2007 CNN debate that NAFTA had been a mistake “to the extent that it did not deliver on what we had hoped it would.” Obama then accused Clinton of flip-flopping on NAFTA since her days in the White House, an accusation Politifact rated as “true:”

Clinton responded to General David Petraeus’ September 2007 Report to Congress on the Situation in Iraq by saying, “I think that the reports that you provide to us really require a willing suspension of disbelief.”

The hypocrisy was rife in Hillary’s bid for the White House, as seen in footage for one of her “Take Back America 2007” speeches. Very few pundits today noticed what the Daily Caller pointed out about her speech, in which she said: “Our Constitution is being shredded. We know about the secret wiretaps, the secret military tribunals, the secret White House email accounts,” Clinton said. “It’s a stunning record of secrecy and corruption, of cronyism run amok. It is everything our founders were afraid of, everything our Constitution was designed to prevent.” Breaking up this political rhetoric 8 years later would not take much effort, for instance:
-She used several investigators (and wiretaps) on a whole host of enemies, including almost every Bill Clinton “bimbo.” Gennifer Flowers was only one of dozens of women who’s phones were tapped.
-She went on to spearhead far worse than military tribunals as Secretary of State, in Libya, Yemen and Syria, to name a few. The pattern of regime change and the rise of militant extremism is undeniable.
-Secret White House email accounts…doesn’t even need a comment.
-She and her husband are the epitome of cronyism, with hundreds of millions of dollars in speeches coming from Wall Street, big banks, private prisons, fossil fuel and fracking industries and worst of all, foreign governments with well established records of human rights violations.

At the end of October, Clinton suffered a rare poor debate performance against Obama, Edwards, and her other opponents. Obama’s message of change began to resonate with the Democratic electorate better than Clinton’s message of experience. The race tightened considerably, especially in the early states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, with Clinton losing her lead in some polls by December.

Bill Clinton collected $9,935,000 in speaking fees for the year.



In the 2008 presidential election cycle, Hillary accused Obama of supporting slumlords in Chicago, as attorney for Antoin Rezko.  In a campaign ad for his wife, Bill Clinton said, “Its time for another comeback, time to make America great again.” He would later rail against Trump for the same statement, equating it with dog-whistle racism. More likely, the Arkansas coke and bimbo hound learned a new phrase that accurately described his own brand of subtle white privilege, and couldn’t wait to use it publicly, while jumping on the main stream media’s anti-Trump rhetoric.

Clinton’s admission in late March, that her repeated campaign statements about having been under hostile fire from snipers during a March 1996 visit to U.S. troops at Tuzla Air Base in Bosnia and Herzegovina were not true, attracted considerable media attention.

The UK Telegraph reported a misrepresentation of facts by Hillary Clinton, during Ireland’s 1998 Good Friday talks. Terry McAuliffe, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman, told CNN: “We would not have peace today had it not for Hillary’s hard work in Northern Ireland.” She tried to link herself to the peace process, in an attempt to garner some fictitious image of her experience. Mrs Clinton’s version of events at the Ireland peace process between the divided Irish factions has been challenged by Peter King, an Ulster Unionist Party negotiator, who said: “Hillary Clinton was totally invisible at the actual negotiations. As far as I am concerned, Mrs Clinton was as relevant to peace in Northern Ireland as Tony Blair’s wife or the ex-wife of Bertie Ahern [the Irish prime minister].” Lord Trimble of Lisnagarvey, who shared the Nobel Peace Prize with John Hume of the nationalist Social Democratic and Labour Party in 1998, told The Daily Telegraph that Mrs. Clinton’s claims were a “wee bit silly”.  After the counter argument to her attempt to glorify herself had been established, she tried to save face by saying: “I wasn’t sitting at the negotiating table but the role I played was instrumental. I guess it was in December when Ian Paisley [Democratic Unionist Party leader] and Martin McGuinness [Sinn Fein leader] came to the United States.” Any keen observer would notice a decades-long pattern of lying about some event in an effort to bolster her reputation, getting caught in the lie, and later re-arranging the facts in typical lawyer fashion, by either throwing someone else into the fire or saying that she must have remembered the events out of order or slightly differently than what actually happened. This pattern is almost always accompanied by an interesting litmus test; while being caught in the lie or failed memory of events, take special care to note which media sources repeat the lie or help in the Clinton narrative and which sources go after the actual facts. There you have which sources of media have been paid for, and which sources still conduct actual journalism. This is almost always followed by some major event getting reported, the story buried, and those that notice get crucified in the press for even mentioning a counter argument. The “tin-foil hat” routine is still a favorite of the 4th branch.

In a sad attempt to offset some of Obama’s clear advantage among black voters with new votes from whites, Clinton went “full redneck,” doing shots and spouting off typical rhetoric in Selma bars, while surrounded by bemused, middle-aged white men.

During the 2008 Democratic primaries, Hillary went on an unbelievable tear against Obama’s race. She inferred numerous times that “hard-working, white Americans” would never vote for a black candidate, so her chance of winning against the Republican candidate would be the safer bet for Democrats. This backfired horrifically for her in 2008, but she learned an important lesson and would later (in 2016) use this same tactic in reverse against Donald Trump. The fact that the main stream media did nothing to point out the Clintons long history of actual racism, and focus instead on some perceived Trumpian racism says nothing for the MSM’s reporting abilities. Compounding this hypocrisy is the fact that the Clintons have been anti-immigration publicly for decades, and that is the exact point she stuck with against Donald Trump in 2016.

obama-turbanIn a last ditch effort to save the 2008 Clinton campaign, her staffers circulated a picture of Obama wearing a turban during a visit to Kenya in 2006, with the email body reading: “Wouldn’t we be seeing this on the cover of every magazine if it were [Clinton]?”  Similarly, the controversy over whether or not Obama was born as an American had it’s roots in a memo circulated by Mark Penn in 2007,  and more blatantly when she started losing in 2008 by her campaign and supporters. It would later be revealed that Obama himself knew that Team-Hillary started both the Muslim and the Birther lies, when on an airport tarmac: “[Obama] very respectfully told her the apology was kind, but largely meaningless, given the emails it was rumored her camp had been sending out labeling him as a Muslim. Before he could finish his sentence, she exploded on Obama. In a matter of seconds, she went from composed to furious. It had not been Obama’s intention to upset her, but he wasn’t going to play the fool either.” Later, in 2016, Donald Trump would rekindle the birther argument while supplied with distorted facts, and later recant the claim after being shown the actual birth certificate. Hillary would hypocritically turn this into Trump somehow starting the entire fruitless lie about Obama’s birth. By then, too many facts had been posted online to let that slide for Mrs. Clinton’s narrative.

Whether it was support and honoring of the Confederate flag or use of the image in campaigning, the hypocrisy of the Clintons, in regards to racism in politics and campaigning, is overt and obvious to anyone with an internet connection and who is ready to see past the MSM narrative.

On May 6, a narrower-than-expected win in the Indiana primary, coupled with a large loss in the North Carolina primary, ended any realistic chance she had of winning the nomination. She vowed to stay on through the remaining primaries, but stopped attacks against Obama; as one advisor stated, “She could accept losing. She could not accept quitting.” She won some of the remaining contests, and indeed over the last three months of the campaign won more delegates, states, and votes than Obama, but she failed to overcome Obama’s lead.

June 6th, Obama and Clinton secretly rerouted their scheduled meetings to include a quick stop in Chantilly, Virgina, to attend the 56th Bilderberg conference, whose topics included “Current Affairs: US Elections.” Speculation about the secret trip included the notion that Bill Clinton attended a 1991 meeting in Germany, shortly before he was elected. The press was fuming mad that Obama had ditched them in Dulles, to attend the meeting.  News quickly spread that one of the reasons for the quick stop were to solidify Obama’s position as the Democratic candidate in the 2008 election, and to promise Hillary some kind of special position in his White House, with a similarly undemocratic maneuvering of Mrs. Clinton to a future presidency.

June 7th, Hillary ended her campaign for US president, one day after meeting with Obama at the 56th Bilderberg Conference. If the Bilderberg meeting influenced the decision to quit the race, the consequences of a think-tank determining the future of American and world politics, outside the spectrum of actual Democracy, are devastating to freedom, legitimacy and legality. In all fairness, Hillary was losing primaries and was not predicted to become the nominee, but the main point of the conference could have easily been one of long-term planning. It has been noted by many media outlets that she has been backed by Bilderberg attendees in the 2016 election, while Trump rightly called out the Bilderbergs for influence-peddling.

As the financial crisis of 2007-2008 reached a peak with the liquidity crisis of September 2008, Clinton supported the proposed bailout of U.S. banks, voting in favor of the $700 billion law that created the Troubled Asset Relief Program, saying that it represented the interests of the American people. It passed the Senate 74-25. In yet another moment of hypocrisy, she would go on to rail against “too big to fail” over and over in the 2016 primaries against Bernie Sanders.

“An upstate New York developer donated $100,000 to former President Bill Clinton’s foundation in November 2004, around the same time that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton helped secure millions of dollars in federal assistance for the businessman’s mall project. “Mrs. Clinton helped enact legislation allowing the developer, Robert J. Congel, to use tax-exempt bonds to help finance the construction of the Destiny USA entertainment and shopping complex, an expansion of the Carousel Center in Syracuse. Mrs. Clinton also helped secure a provision in a highway bill that set aside $5 million for Destiny USA roadway construction.” (Christopher Hitchens, Slate, 2008)

Jeffrey Epstein officially became a sex offender in the eyes of the law in 2008, when he was convicted of soliciting an underage girl for prostitution and given an 18-month sentence. Among the clientele in Epstein’s flights to pedophile island was Bill Clinton.

Jeffrey Epstein donated more than £75,000 over the years to candidates from the Democratic Party, also flew with Mr Clinton in November 2003 to destinations including Russia, Oslo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. One woman that helped bring Epstein to justice was Virginia Roberts, who later stressed that she was never ‘lent out’ to Mr Clinton, but that she did see Bill with two women “no older than 17” on one occasion when Bill visited the island. Virginia said Epstein did invite two young brunettes to a dinner which he gave on his Caribbean island for Mr Clinton shortly after he left office. But, as far as she knows, the ex-President did not take the bait.

In mid-November 2008, President-elect Obama and Clinton discussed the possibility of her serving as U.S. Secretary of State in his administration. She was initially quite reluctant, but on November 20, she told Obama she would accept the position. On December 1, President-elect Obama formally announced that Clinton would be his nominee for Secretary of State. Clinton said she did not want to leave the Senate, but that the new position represented a “difficult and exciting adventure”. As part of the nomination and in order to relieve concerns of conflict of interest, Bill Clinton agreed to accept several conditions and restrictions regarding his ongoing activities and fundraising efforts for the William J. Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative. A lengthy donors list was then released by the Foundation in December 2008, which included several politically sensitive donors, such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Blackwater Worldwide.

Bill Clinton raised $5,600,000 in speaking fees for the year.


Newly-elected President Obama already had a Saxbe fix signed into law in December of 2008, which allowed him to appoint a member of Congress whose elected term had not expired yet, Senator Hillary Clinton. A domain search reveals that was established on January 13, corresponding to the time Hillary was informed of new position at the State department. HRC was nominated to be the 67th U.S. Secretary of State, by Barack Obama, on January 21. Hillary’s proposed hiring of Sidney Blumenthal as an advisor was blocked by Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel.

According to a statement to the State Department Ethics Official, James Thessin, a firm set of rules were to be set up and maintained, in regards to the Clinton’s various money making enterprises and affairs of the State, as required by 18 U.S.C. §208(a.) (archive) Her role in the The Clinton Family Foundation was restricted to “avoid even the appearance of a conflict.” Her statement also included The William J. Clinton Foundation (or The Clinton Global Initiative,) her husband’s speech-money machine. She was not to “participate personally and substantially in any particular matter that has a direct and predictable effect upon his compensation from persons or entities that pay him,” unless she provided the proper waiver. Similarly, she was supposed to terminate HillPac and Friends of Hillary, but her presidential campaign was to stay active until it had “retired its debt.” Many different sources of emails would emerge in the following years that illustrated a clear disregard for the agreed upon separation of State and personal affairs.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Hillary Clinton helped protect the Swiss bank UBS, one of the most powerful financial institutions in the world. She helped shield the majority of account name-holders from the IRS investigation into the Swiss bank. In return, the bank would go on to reward the Clintons with double-digit millions, including $1.5 million to Bill in speaking fees. If Hillary helped the giant bank to avert a significant threat in return for monetary reward to the Foundation, they certainly didn’t avoid any appearance of impropriety in the long run. UBS is only one of several mega-banks to give millions in speaking fees to Bill over the years.

According to FOIA documents released in September 2016, Clinton’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, her deputy chief, both completed required training on the handling of “Special Compartmented Information” (SCI) when they entered the department. But, Hillary Clinton “failed to complete the highest level of security training mandated by the Department of State for the proper handling of the government’s most secret documents when she entered the department in 2009” At the very least, there is no record of Hillary undertaking the same SCIF/classified training as her aides. Bradley Moss, the attorney handling TheDCNF FOIA case in court, said, “time will tell whether they – and particularly Secretary Clinton – ever received renewed awareness training after 2009 just like rank and file employees are mandated to do.” (archive)

In an internal debate regarding the war in Afghanistan during 2009, Clinton sided with the military’s recommendations for a maximal “Afghanistan surge”, recommending 40,000 troops and no public deadline for withdrawal; she prevailed over Vice President Biden’s opposition, but eventually supported Obama’s compromise plan to send an additional 30,000 troops and tie the surge to a timetable for eventual withdrawal.

An April 2009 email showed an intersection of Clinton Foundation and State interests. Douglas Band emailed the Secretary’s top aides asking to get billionaire and Foundation donor, Gilbert Chagoury, to speak to the State Department’s top official on Lebanon. Mr. Band helped Bill create the Clinton Global Initiative, which takes in and distributes billions of dollars in donations. Gilbert Chagoury is close to Nigerian General Sani Abacha, and tried to win favor with the 90s Clinton White House with donations. Mr. Chagoury contributed from $1 million to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation over the years, and in 2000, was convicted in Swiss courts of money laundering.  Teneo, a firm co-founded in 2009 by Mr. Band, was created to merge corporate consulting, public relations and merchant banking in a single business. Mr. Band poached executives from Wall Street and recruited other Clinton aides to join as employees or advisers. Teneo would draw much scrutiny in later years for illustrating the disappearing line between The Clintons personal and financial gains, and Hillary’s supposedly separate and unconnected State Department obligations.

Bryan Pagliano warned State officials that classified documents might exist on Hillary’s illegal server as early as 2009.

Secretary Clinton with Honduras’ then-President Manuel Zelaya. June 2, 2009. The Honduran military overthrew him later that month. (Photo: AP)

Secretary Clinton with Honduras’ then-President Manuel Zelaya. June 2, 2009. The Honduran military overthrew him later that month. (Photo: AP)

The summer of 2009 saw a huge military coup to oust the-President Manuel Zelaya, to be replaced by interim president, Roberto Micheletti. An August 17 email released later would confirm that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her aides helped drag on negotiations indefinitely, by her reluctance to act on pleas by her aides and other voices on Capital Hill. The lack of action led to a tightening of power for Micheletti, who gained leadership by military coup and murder of elected officials. After two years of stalled economic growth, rises in income inequality and violence spiraling out of control, Zelaya eventually returned to Honduras. This first major mistake south of the border contributed enormously to the damage done to Honduras, and to a shift further away from the US by Latin American countries.

Even though most of the western world outside of the US saw the Honduran coup as a dangerous and murderous ousting that resulted in even more despair, a November email from Thomas Shannon to top Clinton aides clearly shows State Department collusion and congratulations over the military coup and interference in Honduran democracy. Indeed, Hillary would later go on to further congratulate her own efforts in Honduras, spinning it as a win for the San Jose process and OAS, as if looking the other way during an illegal ousting of government equated with brilliant foreign policy, at a time when a huge shift of Honduran immigrants were forced from their homes because of the military coup. Since the coup, there has been a dramatic rise in murders and threats to journalists, indigenous protesters and activists in Honduras. The spike in child migration from Honduras to the US made Obama’s administration call it an urgent humanitarian situation which would later require $18.5 million in tax-payer funding. If anything, for the 2016 US presidential elections, Hillary’s failure in Honduras was a huge stain on her foreign policy record.

Bill Clinton raised $7,350,592 in speaking fees for the year.

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