Nutty Nancy Pelosi. It is Time to Retire.

Nutty Nancy

House Minority Leader and Representative for California’s wealthy 12th district, Nancy Pelosi, is the daughter of former Baltimore mayor Thomas D’Alexandro Jr. and the sister of former Baltimore mayor Thomas D’Alexandro III. Her daughter is also being groomed for the wealthy life of virtue-signalling politics. Pelosi lives in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, and the Center for Responsive Politics estimated her average net worth in 2009, at $58,436,537. In 2014, she was ranked as the 8th wealthiest member of Congress, with an average net worth of $101,273,023.

Having had a lifetime in politics representing one of the safest Democratic districts in the country, a district which no Republican has made a serious bid for since the 1960s, she averages 80% of the vote without even participating in debates. The strongest challenge Pelosi has faced was in 2008 when anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan polled 16% and Pelosi won with 72%. This was because Pelosi was instrumental in shooting down discussions and votes for a George W. Bush impeachment. So, there are people even to the left of Pelosi in California who are so anti-war that they actually campaigned to stop funding the troops during the war. This would have been suicidal for the troops, and Pelosi actually should get credit for supporting them on that one issue. But, she also should have looked into impeachment proceedings for Bush over war-crimes, in an illegal war that was the result of a planned terrorist attack, and which was not even fought in the country that supposedly initiated the attack.

The George W. Bush administration was heavily attacked by House Democrats, and for mostly good reasons. But, both sides of the party line had their problems with corruption, as evidenced by the fact that incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to appoint Judge Hastings as head of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Alcee Hastings, still a Congressman, was favored by Pelosi due to his influence with the Congressional Black Caucus, despite the fact that she voted for his impeachment over bribery from the Romano brothers. The whole case smelled of professional criminal behavior and political meddling. Hastings’ impeachment led to accusations that Democrats, who had campaigned against a Republican “culture of corruption,” were themselves elevating a corrupt official to a committee chair. On November 28, 2006, Pelosi announced that Hastings would not be the next chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence.

In mid-October 2007, after the House Foreign Affairs Committee passed a resolution to label the 1915 killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks as genocide, Pelosi unsuccessfully tried to bring the measure to a vote, effectively destroying both the vote and the measure.  Expanding on her willingness to look the other way when it comes to genocide, she probably regrets saying, “There is never a good time to acknowledge that genocide has taken place, whether in the distant past or the present.” Considering the fact that her beloved Obama did even more damage, to even more countries than Bush, the hypocrisy of this statement in regards to the creation of ISIL/ISIS, is astounding. Witness the enslavement and possible genocide of the Yezidis, at the hands of ISIL/ISIS.

While Obama was in office, Pelosi served as the Speaker of the House. This would be a huge honor for a woman, had she not replaced convicted pedophile, Dennis Hastert. Actually, if Obama and Biden were to have been assassinated, Nutty Nancy would have been the president. This is the reason for the Boeing scandal, which was sort of a hit piece. Yes, the 3rd in line to the highest office in the US gets an expensive plane to fly in.

There were, however, legitimate scandals in the press that strangely mimicked Hillary Clinton’s early days. In November 2011, 60 Minutes alleged that Pelosi and several other member of Congress had participated in insider trading via Visa stock insider information. Like Clinton, Pelosi called the report a “right-wing smear” campaign. The real scandal, in my opinion, is that like many of her wealthy Democratic counterparts, she constantly treats blacks (and now Muslims) like show dogs, parading them around at election time, then chaining them up in the backyard until the next political cycle. It is a very welcome sight to witness blacks voting against this hyperbolic link with the Democrats who have abandoned them time and time again. The role of slavery and eugenics in the Democratic party’s past aside, there has been no real effort to fix the problems of joblessness, poor education and crime in predominately black communities, by Democratically controlled urban areas. In fact, Bill Clinton’s rhetoric about fighting for welfare and stability within the black communities was tragically undermined by his passing of incredibly racist legislation that imprisoned more blacks that any President before him.

As House Speaker, Pelosi was instrumental in the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.  After delivering 219 votes in the House for Obama’s signature health care package, Pelosi was both praised and heckled as she made her way to Capitol Hill. Even though Pelosi described the insurance industry as “immoral” and “villains,” and became Obamacare’s biggest cheerleader, it was elements of that same industry that benefitted the most and the working class and small business owners that suffered. Small business owners who were growing in number would become afraid to hire more people because of the horrendous burden that fell upon their shoulders over Obamacare’s fine print in regards to the amount of insured employees. This stifled job growth in crucial sectors that are the backbone of the US capitalist system, and threw the advantage to the predatory insurers and already profitable mega-corporations. Wellpoint, which owns multiple insurers, including Blue Cross, benefitted greatly from the suffering of those who were deceived by Obamacare. Nancy continued to correct the gullible Democrats and enraged Republicans, by repetitively droning on about how it is called the “AFFORDABLE Care Act.” Well, one of the most Orwellian pieces of legislation ever was called the “Patriot Act.” So, what’s in a name?

“We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”-Nancy Pelosi on Health Care, March, 2010

Even though Obamacare arguably cost the Democrats the House and the Senate, and enormously helped Trump win, Nancy Pelosi is still cheerleading for the failed legislation with the deranged hashtag #MakeAmericaSickAgain.  She really should stay off of twitter. Just recently, her and Rep. Elijah Cummings both fell for a fake Flynn account on Twitter and is jumping on board the witch-burning, authoritarian phase of the Democratic party by calling Steve Bannon a racist.

In a February, 2013 interview with Fox News, Pelosi falsely stated that gun ownership was protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. That is an honest mistake, but not a normal one for a lifetime politician. Actually the errors in judgment seem to be piling up in her old age. She has taken the anti-Assad rhetoric hook, line and sinker. Pelosi sent a letter on September 3, 2013, to fellow House Democrats appealing for their support for military action in Syria in response to alleged chemical weapons use.The corollaries between Obama’s atrocities in Haiti, Venezuela, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Syria are so overwhelming that you have to be an idiot that was force fed CNN all day to believe these lies. All the countries were sold out for natural resources and were left as chaotic, terrorist birthing zones because of US intervention, and that is putting it politely. One could easily argue that the entire “refugee” problem is directly related to Bush-Obama style regime change. But, Nutty Nancy toes the line, despite the mountains of proof via Wikileaks, and to a lesser extent, Guccifer 2.0.

More hypocrisy was revealed when she congratulated folks on creating databases of US gun owners, putting their location online to be searchable. Then, when she got hacked by Guccifer 2.0, she went full retard and alternately blamed it on the Russians and denied she even had the computer that got hacked. She has proven that she has no regard for personal privacy, except for her own. She would like for every gun owner’s private numbers to be openly available, but chimped out when Guccifer 2.0 posted the actual phone numbers of her and her cohorts. But, I thought that computer that was hacked by a Russian (not a Russian) didn’t exist?

Her stance on the NSA is outdated and dangerous, in terms of the Edward Snowden and William Binney leaks. She had the nerve to actually support the PRISM program, which is just the NSA spying on mostly US citizens, and was booed at Netroots Nation for saying Edward Snowden was a criminal.

Hacked documents from Pelosi’s PC, via Guccifer 2.0, show as early as October 2014 that Obama’s air strategies would not defeat ISIS, despite the fact that she falsely confirmed that “ISIS was contained” in November of 2015. Much more was on her PC regarding ISIS, including the famous “ISIS background,” in which the sender admits that US invasion created the atmosphere which ultimately lead to the creation of ISIS, and that the US was involved in yet another failed training coup, this time Syrian rebels.

Not exactly swimming upstream, she did jump on board with the majority that helped kill the TPP. It seems more likely that she switched her opinion on the draconian trade deal, after seeing the popularity of Bernie Sanders supporters’ hatred of the deal. Still, this was a good call on her part.

Pelosi is a woman who makes the term hypocrisy all too mundane, like when she called Republicans obstructionists during Obama’s era, but now unashamedly spouts off a laundry list of obstructionism during the Trump era. Her opinions were respectfully heard and recorded. It is time to retire, Queen Pelosi. #GiveSomeOfCaliforniaBack to Mexico.

Pelosi is a woman who is out of touch with the majority of Americans. “A day after House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) was drilled by Meet The Press host Chuck Todd on whether her party’s leadership was out of touch with the current political climate the nearly three-decade veteran of Congress mistakenly referred to President Donald Trump as “President Bush.”” (Video) This is a woman who  actually thought it would be ok to remind Andre Carson that he was a Muslim, live on camera. Maybe instead of “tell them you are Muslim,” she could get more support by saying, “tell them you are supporting and organizing a Muslim Brotherhood controlled White House, by way of covering for your 3 supposed IT guys who are all going to see the inside of jail.” That might be too many words for such an old lady to stumble through.

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It’s not only the red-pilled actor, James Woods, that questions Pelosi’s mental state, most of the top search engine results are about her being incapacitated, being senile, on drugs or sick.

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I tend to agree with Tarl Warwick, aka styxhexenhammer666 on the notion that – thanks to Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats will lose more spots in the 2018 mid-terms. Maybe that heavy loss will be the final wake-up call for the Democrats and Independents alike, to finally take a sober look at their lack of real management and the level of distrust from the outside community. Maybe a new party will even emerge that is lacking the stink of neoliberalism. But, that is highly doubtful. It would be great to see classical Liberals take a stand against this kind of virtue-signaling, out of touch croney-capitalist.

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