HRC campaign site trolled by Pepe [screenshots]


Since May, 2016, a bullshit story has been circulating that Pepe the frog is somehow associated with white nationalism, and that the Trump campaign is using Pepe memes to spread their message of hate. Unfortunately for the Daily Beast’s Olivia Nuzzi, this was all an elaborate prank-job. She ran with the story, after interviewing Frog Twitter’s “Jared Taylor Swift” and Paul Town. The two pranksters convinced her of the innocent meme frog’s supposed nefarious racist associations. The original story, published on May 25th, 2016, can be found here. The hilarious confession of prank-royalty by the silly duo can be found on the Daily Caller, which was released on September 14th.

Now the unbelievable bit: The Hillary for America campaign website actually ran with the story, and tried to smear the Trump campaign with these supposed hate-filled memes. As of September 17, 2016, the smear campaign is still on the HRC website. So, it seems like a web capture of the entire page is in order. It is doubtful that Hillary’s goons will keep this story online, once the not-so-net-savvy fact checkers finally figure out they have been trolled in a most impressive way.

So, here it is, in all it’s trolltastic splendor. But first, check out the pop-up that appears when you go to her site.

Notice there is only one option ‘I Agree’


Here is the entire page.


This is almost too good to be true. It seems that two great trolls corrected ‘Correct the Record‘s’ troll army. Isn’t Karma fun? That’s what you get, when you screw with the election process, marginalize Sanders supporters, then try to smear Trump’s “deplorables” with false messages of white supremacy. Who is the fascist, propagandist now? If internet censorship, google search filtering and smear tactics are how Hillary wants to steal the presidency, it isn’t working on the people that took the red pill. Also, when a presidential candidate calls half of Trump’s supporters a basket of deplorables, they deserve this kind of backlash.

Maybe you should get some rest and stay off the internet, Hillary. Your website is deplorable. Also, stop hugging little girls when you have infectious pneumonia.