How To Watch Star Wars Inside Your Command Prompt.

ascimation wars

Happy 25th Birthday internet! Here is a well known trick to use your command prompt to play Star Wars episode 4 over Telnet. There is only 1 line you need to run in the command prompt, but first you need to make sure Telnet’s server and client are enabled (and disable them after you watch if you are at work, and they were previously turned off.)

For Windows

  1.  start/windows button > control panel > programs > turn windows features on or off > make sure telnet client and telnet server are checked.
  2. start/windows button > type ‘cmd‘> the command prompt opens, now type ‘telnet‘ without apostrophes> enter

For Mac

  1. open Terminal from the launchpad
  2. type or paste telnet

Tip: How to copy and paste in Windows command prompt

Enjoy! You can also watch it here.

This amazing Asciimation was brought to you by Simon Jansen, who also has several other projects including his Jet powered beer cooler.