Hey MSM! Change or Step Aside.


In the modern age of rapid information retrieval, it is harder than ever to obfuscate the public. Or, so one would think. Actually, this onslaught of never ending information only deadens one’s ability to stay focused. Just as one scandal surfaces, there is a new terrorist act right around the corner, another cop shooting to make us all forget about some politician’s misdeeds or some corporate scoundrel’s shenanigans. What happened with the Panama papers fallout? It is still there, hidden beneath a cloud of candy-ass reporting and open-face butt kissing. In other words, you have to search for it.

How about Hillary Clinton’s email problem? Remember when 60% of the country thought she was lying about illegally transferring classified state secrets across an unsecured server? Now, an article can be written detailing exactly what her team is lying about, busting wide open some myth about her transparency, and it basically goes unnoticed as we are told to focus on the orange asshole on stage. This is classic misdirection, and it is a tragedy that people are still so easily fooled. Or are they? Maybe a minority are still mislead, but it seems like people are just moving to social media to get their news. There is a sleeping giant that will one day stop dreaming and awaken, and he’s pissed and hungry for the truth.

If social media is any indication about the actual will of voters, versus CNN’s political apologetics, then Hillary Clinton has more than countless scandals as her problems. She has a popularity problem. Her own Facebook is riddled with comments that range from contempt to pure spite, with “Hillary for Prison” as a recurring theme. The Donald still has around twice as many followers as Hillary, in the double-digit millions. They are loyal and they are pissed. Why are they pissed? Try looking for one un-biased article about Trump by using Google. Good luck with that. It seems like they will not be dissuaded, however much negativity is thrown on him. This will be Hillary’s biggest obstacle, unless the Clinton Foundation is actually being investigated by the IRS. Don’t forget, they took down Al Capone.

2016 US candidates facebook

(August 15,2016 Facebook likes)

Meanwhile, we still live in a country that has more than just two political parties and every election cycle the “your throwing your vote away by voting 3rd party” crowd still exists. Not only is Rosanne Barr running again, but Jill Stein of the Green Party and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party are also getting the proverbial shaft when it comes to the main stream media.

My message to the MSM would be, change or step aside. The days of Walter Cronkite are gone. It is up to the people to do the job that the corporate lobbyists have subverted. It is up to us to “Become the Media,” as Jello Biafra so succinctly instruct us to do so long ago.

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