Free, Online NASA Research Portal.

Neil's print on the moon

NASA has granted the public access to free, online articles and peer-reviewed research. The public access portal can be found here. So far, the categories for this public archive are Aerospace, Applied Science, Earth Science, Management/Operations and Space Science. News of the public research tool’s unveiling was released on their website, which reads, “PubSpace is an archive of original science journal articles produced by NASA-funded research and available online without a fee. The data will be available for download, reading and analysis within one year of publication.”

Here is the manuscript submission system, which seems to require article submission, if the author is planning to use data that is part of existing NASA-funded research. This even applies to papers based on research only partially funded by NASA. From their FAQ page: “the Public Access Policy applies to any manuscript that arises from any amount of direct funding from the NASA. See” It is important to note that failure to submit required articles “may delay or prevent awarding of funds.” In this case, grants or awards received for scientific research or literature that is in some way related to NASA-funded research.