Clinton vs. Trump, Without the Corporate Spin

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In the year of presidential candidate bashing, Donald Trump has had more shit thrown at him than any candidate in recent memory. But is it sticking? Sure, there are plenty of followers for both sides, and plenty of half-truths written about both candidates. What many are now calling the Clinton News Network, or CNN, used to be filled with investigative journalists during her husbands time. Actually most of the “right wing conspiracy” was covered at CNN, before the other news networks even picked up the story. The Whitewater scandal can keep readers busy for days, and that led to Cattle-gate, File-gate, Travel-gate, the silencing of Bill’s mistresses, and much more. To this day CNN’s archived reporting was the best source for most of these revelations. How odd, that they are now completely on her payroll. A Russian news source’s comedy team, Redacted Tonight, even spotlighted the Clinton election shenanigans in the form of a dialogue with Hitler and his people. Hitler played the part of Clinton, where he hilariously said, “The media elites are so deep in my pockets, they can sketch my muff from memory.” However inappropriate that was to the Clinton-bots, it is pretty close to the scary truth that the 4th branch of the government is now the media elites. Even with the Clinton foundation’s pay-to-play scandals being revealed by Wikileaks, and the never-ending supply of emails that were on her illegal server, and her ties to world US military domination and regime change that results in terrorism on a global scale, people are still bitching about these Donald Trump sound bytes that are almost always taken out of context. I’m not a Trump fan. I’m a Bernie fan. Someone that thinks Bernie was directly taken out of the competition through election fraud, using every trick ever created. The most obvious was when the Associated Press announced the California Primary going to Clinton before there was even an election in California. Multiple DNC “hacks” have revealed a large amount of organized tactics against both Sanders and Trump, even though the DNC should remain impartial, and should be in the business of electing the candidate most likely to defeat the Republican candidate. It is not the DNC’s business to be protecting the most Corporate Whore of a candidate. Supposedly Seth Rich, who was murdered outside of his home, because he had even more dirt on the DNC (and they didn’t take his money, phone or watch.) In fact, Julian Assange offered up a reward for any information about his murder after releasing a bunch of stolen DNC data. Was it a hack, or was it Seth Rich? The timing is odd to say the least. This wasn’t covered by the main stream media. What was covered was all anti-Trump bullshit. Here are some of the Pro-Clinton/Anti-Trump talking points.

“Trump is in league with Russia”

In fact, Trump said he would like to see the Russians release all the deleted emails IF THEY HAVE THEM. Instead, the media reported that Trump asked the Russians to hack her and supply that info. He was not telling them to do more hacking. He, like millions of other Americans, is well aware that both sides have engaged in a decades long hacking war. He was simply saying, if you already have some dirt, for the sake of transparency, release it so we can all know the inner workings. The funny thing about this stupid misdirection is that it was the Clintons that set up a lucrative deal to sell 20% of North American Uranium to the Russians in exchange for favors.  Pay to play at it’s most dangerous. The Uranium One deal was pure treason on her part. Kind of makes Trumps lack of filter not seem so bad.

“Trump is a racist and has dealing with White Supremacists”

He has taken a turn on the Mexican deportation topic, to only include new, undocumented immigrants. He has also said over and over again that he has no problem with legal Mexicans, and that he feels the illegals coming to this country are some great source of economic threat to this country. This stance is more likely to be a front just to get votes from a well established right-wing group of haters. In other words, I don’t think he is racist, but more likely just playing a card to get votes. He would probably be pandering to the Bronies and Juggalos, if they had the sheer numbers. The race issue is definitely a flaw in his campaign, but does Hillary come out as some bright, shiny hope for racial unity? No. No, she definitely does not. When Bill lost a congressional election in Arkansas in 1974, she famously called the campaign manager, Paul Fray, a fucking jew bastard. 3 other people that were there all attest to this, even though the Clintons denied it.  She also attacked Obama for being a Muslim. A fact that isn’t true. If he was a Muslim, why should that matter? Maybe it’s because of her violent visions of the future that the California KKK Grand Dragon, Will Quigg, endorsed her hawkish message. Who knows? She was a very vocal supporter of her husbands 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, that resulted in the largest increase in US prison population during any US presidents time in office. This was part of the infamous “three strikes” law that disproportionately targeted blacks, cost $30 billion dollars, and resulted in her calling many blacks in this country “super predators.” Her support of NAFTA destroyed Mexican agriculture and was the cause of a new mass migration to the US on a whole new scale. The Clinton team’s condemnation of Trump’s racism may or may not be warranted, but her history of politically successful racism is well documented. After all, this is the original “Goldwater Girl,” a backer of Barry Goldwater who stood in opposition to MLK and the Civil Rights act.

“Trump won’t release his tax returns”

Actually, he is under IRS audit, so he can’t release them. Would anyone actually be surprised to find out that he makes his billions the same way every apex capitalist does? This seems like more misdirection, and a very dangerous angle to play for the Clinton team. Consider this. She has not released her speeches to big banks, Wall Street, and many other media elites. She probably never will, because they will show in stunning detail her connection to Crony Capitalism and the never ending pay to play scandals. Her health has also come under public scrutiny, because of what appears to be a small seizure in a now viral video of her being questioned by the press. Dr. Drew commented on this, and even inferred that she is much more unhealthy than her released medical report shows. His very popular show was cancelled by CNN, 6 days later.

“Trump has many failed businesses and a scandalous Trump University”

Maybe, but one could say that Warren Buffet also had many a failed business venture. The Trump University scandal has yet to be proven, but does sound like a scam. On the other hand, the long history of the Clinton Foundation receiving funds from countries with ties to fundamentalists and known women’s rights abusers is very easy to research. The pay-to-play schemes and regime change that results in a destabilized country and a 100-fold increase in new terrorist movements seems to be much worse than an online University scam. There are probably 100s of similar fake University’s operating right now, legally. People that are stupid enough to take a short-cut in their education kind of get what they deserve. Not that Trump University is one of his finest moments. But, arming countries that give rise to the Islamic State, have actual death and terrorism as the result, seems infinitely worse. The Clinton’s 1970’s and 1980’s Whitewater scandal has long been proven to have destroyed the lives and bank accounts of actual people, as well as incarcerated the Clinton friends, the McDougals. Jim died in prison, while Susan was pardoned by Bill, in what many are calling “Pardon-gate.

“Trump is a misogynist”

Would you expect a Billionaire playboy to be anything else? Even so, I’m not so sure that Trump actually is a misogynist. I think he just hates Rosie O’Donnell and Megan Kelly. Several of his female employees have gone on record and refuted the media’s portrayal of his misogyny. But, this is all anecdotal, and it’s up to people to make their own decisions. After all, what is worse? A person who thinks men are better than women, or a person who personally attacks and terrorizes the female victims of her philandering husband? There is a long history of Bill Clinton’s escapades of whoring around. The earliest example of possible foul play would be Susan Coleman, 7 1/2 months pregnant, who shot herself in the back of the head. Many of Bill’s security detail have gone on record to say they actively vetted new women for Bill to play with. Once any of them start getting litigative or press hungry, Hillary would go on the offensive. There are dozens of women all saying the same thing, that Hillary would have them audited by the IRS, chased by secret service, and even intimidated with mafia tactics. And the suspicious deaths are like an avalanche of true crime. One by one, each of Bill’s mistresses was either silenced or mysteriously died. When Bill Cosby does it, the whole world believes the dozens of women, when Bill Clinton does it, it is somehow a “right-wing conspiracy.” One of the weirder tales is when a secret service agent opened the wrong door to find Hillary in bed with Mary Caitrin Mahoney. I would be sleeping around on Bill too, he deserves it. But, it seems the black widow wasn’t done with her partner just yet. Ms. Mahoney was found dead with 2 other workers in a Starbucks, after having received several execution style bullets, most at point blank range. She was found with the keys to the safe in her hand, and $10,000 still in the safe. This could all be a big coincidence, but the larger pattern of destroying Bill’s mistresses lives and maybe even her own mistresses lives, smacks of much worse than rich boy misogyny.

“Trump is a liar”

Only time will tell. Actually, he strikes me as honest to the point of embarrassment. Going on stage in front of tens of thousands at a time with no script can be a nightmare for campaign managers. He regularly packs stadiums with people waiting outside because they are at capacity. This is because his people like his candor. Love him or hate him, the man doesn’t have a filter, and he certainly does not have the kind of spin machine that the Clintons have. He also doesn’t have the law school or lifetime of politicking that the Clintons have. I laughed my ass off when he actually got up on stage and had the nerve to say that the Bushes were behind 9/11. One thing is for sure, the man is not a politician. As such, he does not have the lifetime of political pandering and side-stepping that the Clintons have. Remember when Hillary Clinton perjured herself in front of dozens of TV cameras during the Benghazi trial? In the trial, she repeatedly said that she released all her emails involved in the Libyan timeline. Months later we have James Comey, saying that she in fact did not. Also that, there were tens of thousands of emails not released at that time, and only later released later due to her Email-gate scandal that basically proved she is guilty of treason (still not released in full, but have patience.)

“Trump will build a wall, so he’s a big asshole”

Forget the leaked DNC document on Nancy Pelosi’s PC describing increased border security talking points for a second. Trump said crazy shit on tv, and the news showed 2 seconds of it. If he becomes president, there is no way in hell that Congress will allow the wall to be built. He will most likely be a “lame duck” president, with a Congress that opposes most of his policies. Clinton, on the other hand also advocated building “physical barriers” on the Mexican border, as well as supporting the West Bank Fence.  This segregationist ideology is not at all new to American foreign policy. Just look up the horribly named Cia OP, “Operation Wetback.” Trump is completely in the wrong on the immigration stance he has taken to get votes. Without cheap, basically slave labor, prices for almost everything in the US would skyrocket. Both sides have a very failed viewpoint on foreign policy, so we are basically fucked. It is actually the capitalist philosophy that needs fixing, not new borders. In recent times, the wall that was built to keep out the DNC protestors did nothing but keep the truth out of the news.

“Trump will sign the TPP”

Actually, he has chastised the Trans Pacific Partnership deal over and over in the press, as being “disastrous.” Hillary on the other hand has been 100% pro-TPP for almost the entire span of time it has been imagined. It is only recently, and mostly because of Bernie Sanders, that she has reversed her public approval of the TPP. With hundreds of millions of dollars in Wall Street speeches and dinners, all of which are held in secrecy from the public, how do you think she will vote when it comes down to it? People should be made aware, that the TPP will be disastrous to privacy, net neutrality and a whole host of non-trade related topics, if the TPP passes. Once again, one of the only informed educators on the topic is Julian Assange, when it comes to publicly denouncing it and even publicly revealing the documents themselves. If it weren’t for the fact that Gary Johnson has loudly proclaimed his admiration and lust to sign the shitty trade deal, I would have voted for him. I like most of everything else he has to say about his policies. I actually believe that Trump will shoot down the deal if he becomes president.

thanks corporate media

Of all the mud that will be slung back and forth, pay no attention. The best you can do is actually sit through their entire speeches. Trump’s rallies are very moderate, even funny at times. Her rallies are staged to paid for crowds, involve camera trickery to hide her low numbers, and sound completely scripted by focus groups. Her press conferences are basically non-existent. Another politician comes to mind who absolutely despised press conferences, for fear of what they might reveal. His name was Richard Nixon.

I completely urge you to look this all up on your own, but would recommend using to do so. Google has been caught filtering searches, over and over again, and have been doing a good job convincing searchers that Hillary Clinton is good and Donald Trump is bad. I’m not convinced. Do your own research, and if you find something you like or don’t like, let me know in the comments below.