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The “Taxation Is Theft” Meme Has Officially Gone Mainstream

“This is not a tip. This is a personal gift and not subject to federal or state income taxes.”



New Orleans takes down first of four Confederate statues – LA Times


New Orleans Begins Removing Civil War-Era Monuments


Snipers, bullet-proof vests to remove Confederate monument? Thank God we’re not New Orleans


Workers don bulletproof vests while taking down New Orleans’ Confederate monument in middle of the night



Rampaging wild boars kill 3 ISIS terrorists in Iraq — RT Viral

Three Islamic State terrorists have reportedly been killed by a stampeding herd of wild boars during a failed attempt to set up an ambush in Northern Iraq.



The lefties are redistributing their wives.

Far-Left Voters More Likely to Share Their Wives, Right Wingers More Sexually Dominant, Claims Study

People on the political spectrum’s far left and right are more likely to engage in “extreme” sexual practices, according to a French study.



Report: Antifa Man Killed In Apparent Racist, Islamic Terror Attack In Fresno – MILO NEWS



When /pol/ finds the bikelock attacker and then raids his rate-my-professor page. Shitlordery ensues.



Two policemen have been killed in an apparent shooting with what is being described as a “Kalashnikov” on the famous Champs Élysées in central Paris and one shooter has been shot dead by police.



Another Syrian rebel terrorist attack. At least 130 dead, 200 wounded. Syrian rebels bombed a row of buses filled with mostly women and children. Despite what the MSM and warhawks would like you to believe, the Syrian rebels did this. This was not the work of Assad or his forces.



>Every Android and iPhone has been compromised for years by the CIA, as proven in Vault7. They know where and who you are 24/7.

>Facebook has kept a database of photos of users since it was created.

>Facebook reports data to US intelligence agencies.

>A man has been streaming his murderous crimes on facebook, and countless youtubers have been re-streaming and commenting on it for days.

>We live in the most surveilled timeline in the history of mankind.

>US government can’t get their shit together enough to catch a killer who livestreams murder from a phone? Does anyone believe that?

Day two of nationwide manhunt for accused Facebook killer leaves law enforcement puzzled

Day two in the manhunt for a social services worker from the Greater Cleveland area accused of gunning down a 74-year-old stranger and then posting a gruesome video of the deed on Facebook ended with almost no new clues in the wanted man’s whereabouts.



Chronological Dates of CIA covert/Black-Ops/Recruitment of Rebels to topple governments worldwide.



“The total amount of errors corrected in HUD’s notes and consolidated financial statements were $516.4 billion and $3.4 billion, respectively.”




Direct Messages from U.S. alleged Russian spy @GUCCIFER_2 to actress-model @robbin_young (according to the latter)




He was my whistleblower: https://www.robbinyoung.info/test-2


Woodward: Obama Officials Could Face Criminal Charges Over Unmasking Scheme



Demand DNC Allow FBI to Examine Allegedly Hacked Servers, Now!



Trump claims Susan Rice may have committed crime



Susan Rice denies leaking Trump associate intel, defends unmasking requests



FLASHBACK: Susan Rice Said ‘I Know Nothing’ About Unmasking of Trump Officials




Top Obama Adviser Sought Names of Trump Associates in Intel


According to @EliLake Obama’s NSC head Susan Rice opened US intelligence on Trump campaign on “dozens of occasions”



Shaffer: Trump Wiretap Case ‘Worse Than Watergate’



FBI reviewed Flynn’s calls with Russian ambassador but found nothing illicit



NRCC claims Obama surveillance of Trump ‘confirmed’



Former Bush attorney general: Trump likely right about surveillance


NSA head: DNC hack didn’t affect election outcome



Investigating Donald Trump, F.B.I. Sees No Clear Link to Russia



“We did not include anything in our report … that had any reflect of collusion between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians. There was no evidence of that included in our report,” he said. “We had no evidence of such collusion.”



Wikileaks Vault 7 – Grasshopper This release of documents reveals the CIA’s ability to construct customized implants in Windows operating systems that can perform a ‘pre-install survey of the target device.’ This allows the tool to adjust to different versions of Windows, particular Antivirus products and gives it the ability to avoid Personal Security Protocols. It can also re-install itself every 22 hours by corrupting the Windows update, even if disabled. ‘Stolen Goods’ was taken from ‘malware known as Carberp, a suspected Russian organized crime toolkit.’ The Grasshopper release highlights how the CIA can maintain persistence over infected Windows systems and offers ‘directions for those seeking to defend their systems to identify any existing compromise.’



This article is basically Chapter 10 of the Wikileaks files by Verso books. I was going to do a book review on it last year, but, every single chapter could easily turn into an entire book. Highly recommend the full book, but this is a good start.

This is the nuts and bolts of Obama’s hard-core regime change policies in Syria, that led us to the problem we are currently facing. Other governments were certainly involved, but none had the resources, wealth or power (or psychopathy) that the US gov’t had.

WikiLeaks Reveals How the US Aggressively Pursued Regime Change in Syria, Igniting a Bloodbath

Knowing that the US never really abandoned a regime-change policy in Syria informs our understanding of US military intervention in Syria today.



Report: Soros-Linked Group Behind Chemical Attack in Syria » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

Chemical attack has all the hallmarks of a false flag



‘JERUSALEM — Israel would “have to act” if the Syrian regime collapses and there’s a risk Syria’s chemical weapons and missiles could fall into the hands of militant groups, Israel’s prime minister warned Sunday.’




And back in February


possible false flag event to be staged ‘The US said on Friday that

Syrian officials would be “held accountable” if they failed to

safeguard the country’s chemical weapons after a report suggested some

were being moved out of storage.”




“Washington abruptly ended the CIA’s role in the transfer of arms from Libya after the attack on the consulate, but the rat line kept going. ‘The United States was no longer in control of what the Turks were relaying to the jihadists,’ the former intelligence official said.”

George Webb expounded on Sarin gas plays in the rat line in days 57 Parts 1 and 2 (and Day 58.)

The Red Line and the Rat Line, by Seymour M. Hersh

In 2011 Barack Obama led an allied military intervention in Libya without consulting the US Congress. Last August, after the sarin attack on the Damascus suburb of Ghouta, he was ready to launch an allied air strike, this time to punish the Syrian government for allegedly crossing the ‘red line’ he had set in 2012 on the use of chemical weapons. Then with less than two days to go before the planned strike, he announced that he would seek congressional approval for the intervention. The strike (…)



PART 22: Cliff Notes, “Awan Brotherhood / Hillary’s… • r/TruthLeaks

**Previous Notes** * [PART 1: Cliff Notes, “Where is Eric…



Man Dubbed ‘Fake News’ By MSM Apparently Beats Them All To Major Story Of The Day

Popular conservative journalist Mike Cernovich, despite being dubbed ‘fake news’ by a number of mainstream media outlets apparently beat them all to what is likely a major story of the day. In a report last night, Cernovich wrote, ‘Susan Rice, who served as the National Security Adviser under President Obama, has been identified as the official who requested unmasking of incoming Trump officials, Cernovich Media can exclusively report.’ Cernovich went on to report that the New York Times knew of this information but chose to sit on it ‘rather than admit Trump had been vindicated.’ He singled out New York




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Julian Assange Speaks Out: The War On The Truth

Wikileaks Founder and Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange joins the Liberty Report to discuss the latest push by the Trump Administration to bring charges against him and his organization for publishing US Government documents. How will they get around the First Amendment and the Espionage Act? The US government and the mainstream media — some of which gladly publish Wikileaks documents — are pushing to demonize Assange in the court of public opinion.

The Truth About Emmanuel Macron | French Presidential Election 2017

On April 7th, 2017, the French population will decide the long-term future of their country as they decide between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen in their Presidential election. What is the truth about Emmanuel Macron?

Listen to A Black Conservative Tell You Why Removing Confederate Statues is Revisionist History

New Orleans has removed the first of a few Confederate statues in response to criticism that the statutes are symbols of white supremacy, racism, and hatred.  Opponents of the statues also say they glorify the ugly history of slavery in the United States.  Workers who were tasked with the job of removing the monuments and statues had to wear bulletproof vests while being protected by police snipers as they worked at night.  This was said to be a precautionary measure for their safety, but it could also be seen as a PR move to justify the removal of the structures.  Some people are upset about this whole situation and the bulletproof vests may be worn to try and paint the upset people as also being violent white supremacists that would shoot someone trying to remove something they deeply identify with.

All of this screams “revisionist history.”  Marxism, more specifically.  To attempt to change the written history into something else more palatable to those who are either in power or those who want to assume power.  The Confederate (battle) flag has often been cited in conjunction with the statues of Robert E. Lee and others as symbols of racism for a few reasons.  Many of the reasons are not totally sound and could be used for the other side of the war as well.  But due to prior Marxist revisionism, it appears as if only one side is mentioned in a negative way.

Robert E. Lee is said to have been a slave owner but so was General Ulysseus S. Grant, the leader of the Union Army.  Nobody wants to desecrate any of his monuments.  The Confederacy was said to be fighting for the preservation of slavery, but the North had slaves throughout the entire war and for a brief period of time after the war, longer than the South was allowed to keep their slaves.  The Confederate flag is seen as a symbol of racism but it only existed for 4 years of slavery, while the American flag existed for around 90 years of slavery and the Union Jack existed for about 150 years of slavery before that (in North America of course.)  Many of these facts are not known by the general public and more facts will continue to go unknown if the current trend of revisionist history continues.  And those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.

Berkeley Mayor & Police Working With Antifa Against Free Speech Advocates

It seems that not only is the mayor of Berkeley part of a Antifa facebook group, but there is evidence that the Berkeley police were firing munitions on Trump/Free Speech supporters. This needs to be investigated by the DOJ.

Denial of free speech, banning Conservatives from social media and “education” centers, instilling double-think phrases that usually end in “phobia,” and now erasing history.

Great job left wingers.

The Destruction of History

In an age of ugliness, a work of beauty is an act of defiance.

This Westminster Knees-Up is enough to warm the sexy little heart of Sadiq Khan. 


LiveLeak.com – Wolf pack attack in Slovakia

12-member wolf pack are learning to hunt. The young woman remained powerless against them. The images are suitable for the weakest character. But in real there are puppies of czechoslovakian wolfdog,


The Syria Strikes: A Conspiracy Theory

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: https://www.corbettreport.com/syriastrikes

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the Syria Strikes from the truth-telling truth-tellers in the truthful government and true mainstream news!…in under 5 minutes!!

The New Counter-Culture (shadilay)

shadilay shadilay la mia libertà

Le Résistance Against Globalism | Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Moyneux

On April 23rd, the latest battle against globalism takes center stage as France goes the polls to decide it’s future, choosing between Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron, François Fillon and Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Paul Joseph Watson joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the upcoming French elections, the state of political race in France, why young people fiercely support Marine Le Pen, the continued fight against globalism, President Donald Trump’s concerning week and YouTube demonetization.

Milo Yiannopoulis DESTROYS Shaun King (Talcum X) Calls him a Fraud Pretending to be Black

Bedtime lullaby for adult-babies.

libertin-good night left side



AMERICA FIRST – Alex Jones remix

George visits Yale’s Skull & Bones.

Day 167.4 – Hillary’s Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 4

Enter Skull and Bones, Opium Trade, and 8% Markup

Trump Train Derailed: Sells Out to Neocon Globalists & Attacks Syria

Henrik and Lana discuss Trump who now supports overthrowing Bashar al-Assad, based on claims made by terrorists that he gassed his own people.

Exclusive: British journalist destroys MSM lies on Syria

Exclusive interview with British Journalist Tom Duggan in Damascus at the French Hospital tells us about the chemical attacks accusations.

Interview conducted by Hanin Elias

Syria Chemical Attack: Push For Ousting Bashar al-Assad

After reports of a chemical attack in Syria, the mainstream media and the political establishment are pushing for the ousting of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. What do we actually know about this chemical attack and why has there been such a quick push for further United States intervention in the Middle East?

Sources: http://www.fdrurl.com/syria-chemical-attack

Day 165 – Hillary’s Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 1

Mylan, Sugarland, Javed, Sarin Gas Attacks in Aleppo, Damascus, and Idlib

Dr. Tahir Javed Causes Largest Hep C outbreak in US History

Enter the Javed Brothers, Largest Medicare Fraud in History, Methodone Overdoses

Stepmother Now Says Imran Threatened to Kidnap Relatives in Pakistan If She Didn’t Change Inheritance to Awan Brothers

Grassley Asks If McCabe Has Conflict, Diplomatic Suitcases and Diplomatic Food

Moving Toward Food Giants Distribution of Drugs – Walmart, ConAgra, Abbot Labs. KKR Stores, and Sec of Agriculture VIlsack

Now Murder For Hire With Manassas Mahmood, Business Partner For Nanoset Technology

Enter Awan Brothers Pharma, Logistics, Visas, and Pakistan’s Elite Triple-One, 111th Army Division

How imran Awan Cloned Top Secret Access For ISI Awan Bothers.

History Solves Mystery, Starting With Fuller and Mena Airport.

Imran Awan Intimidates House IT Central Staffer

NanoSET Lahore Technology Bazaar?, New Dawn Drug Route Through Bangladesh?

Enter Paul Ryan, LCC, Myson, and US Military Hacks

Enter Operation New Dawn and New Dawn 2001 Corporation

Siddique Mateen Is Back, Af-Pak-Iran-Turkey Ratline Reestablished

Why Don’t Awan Brothers Use Dad’s Last Name of Shah?

Time to Subpoena Congressional Staffers

Awans Brothers Imprison Step Mother In Springfield, Virginia House

Enter Mohammad Awan and Lorton VA Safe House

Legalizing Heroin With Suboxone, Grand Rapids Email Addresses at Spectrum

Spectrum Health, Suboxone, and Gulen

How the Alfa Bank Setup Was Done, Carl Bildt Again

White House Visas, Top Secret Clearance House of Representatives Burglaries, Ties to Terrorism

Enter Natalia Sova, Wife of Abid Awan

Two New Awan Family Members Emerge

We’re the Awan Brothers the Capital Hill Burglars This Month?

Ratlines Leave Footprints, Especially Organ Harvesting

McCabe’s Trip To White House To Shop Russia Hoax Truth Backfires

Trump Closes In On FBI Leaker Andrew McCabe

Could Covert Groups Really Exist In America?  You Don’t Know DynCorp

Enter Peter Thiel’s Palatir With DynCorp Space Contracts

Russian Ambassador Churkin Probably Won’t Press Kosovo Organ Harvesting Inquiry Now

Assange Tweets About CIA $600M Contract With WaPo

Donna Shalala and OKC Baptist, Nazih Zuhdi

Enter Donna Shall and Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency

Enter Paul Helliwell and the Havana Christmas Conference of 1946

143 Pages of DynCorp Sheriffs in One Day

DynCorp Sheriffs Working List


Enter Jacques Paul Klein, Architect of Atrocities

Enter Bob Mosier, Sheriff Fauquier County, Virginia

3 Muslim Brothers Making 160K at US Gov’t Hack HPSCI, DHS, HCFA

TransMedic “Heart In A Box”, Fresher Heart

DynCorp’s USA Marijuana – Picking Winners And Losers

Brown Brothers Harriman, Cerberus Capital/Dyncorp, Same Thing

From Vaccine To Harvest – Chicago Slaughterhouse II

Enter Cemex, Shorebank, and Seaboard with Decameron Hotels

DynCorp Infiltration of America’s Sheriffs, Your County

CIA Has Always Been Fascinated With Organ Transplantation

DynCorp – Your Parts Are Our Parts

Soros Riots and Impeachment Talk, DynCorp Needed To Maintain Order?

Cord Blood, Vigilantes, and Glen Beck

Mr. Virus, Meet Mr. Vaccine – We Make Money Both Ways

You Won’t Believe How Much Your Body Is Worth

CIA/FBI/DHS Sidestepping Assessment Paperwork With Operation Underground Railroad

Enter the Navy Hospital Ship “Comfort”

From Homan Square Chicago to Cleveland Clinic

Operation Underground Railroad – Convincing Good Mormons You Are A Bad Guy

Organ Harvesting in Kosovo, Yellow House Legacy

DynCorp = 650,000 Emails, Metadata Proves It

CIA Revenge Groups, Gary Webb, and Slipknot Girls

Ulfkotte Said CIA Planted  Sarin Gas Stories For Gaddafi and Saddam

Ude Ulfkotte Dies of Investigative Journalism

Cell Phone Records and Email Metadata Unwind the Conspiracy

DynCorp Police Training, Franchising Sex Entrapment

Immunity for All 19 State Dept Gmail Conspirators?

DynCorp Gov’t Contracts Need To Be Reviewed

DynCorp – Child Trafficking, Sexual Entrapment, Asset Seizure

DynCorp Contracts Come Under Chaffetz Microscope

Comey Has Had Marc Rich’s Documents For 30 Years

Who Killed Monica Petersen?

FB Group #HRCRatLine

Due to the very large number of citations and sources, I now publish them with each slide.  I try to order New York Times Pulitzers first, then former NYT Pulitzer winners, then New York Times writers.  Any other reputable source like WaPo, WaTimes, Tribune, LA Times, Seattle P-I, etc are then list.  Then second tier media followed by alternative media.

Murdered journalist and investigators get a higher ranking than remotely sourced stories through offshore news funnels like SOHR.


Hacksaw Ridge – Barracks Scene – Vince Vaughn

How long have you been dead?

What tribe do you belong to?


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